Filtration system

19 December, 2005 | Interpath Services Pty Ltd

The Nalgene MF75 Filter Units and Bottle Top Filters incorporate the sterilisation-grade Pall Supor machV membrane. The membranes are composed of polyethersulfone (PES), the same material used for processing biological and pharmaceutical samples for drug discovery and basic research.

Activated sludge respirometer

19 December, 2005 | The Novasys Group Pty Ltd

The latest version of the Strathkelvin Strathtox respirometer can tell users quickly, simply and clearly when the bacteria should be fed less, aerated less and loaded more in an activated sludge or IDEA treatment plant. This is done by measuring their actual respiration rate.

Mixing solution

19 December, 2005

Pulsair is a technology that delivers an efficient, cost-effective, low-shear method of mixing. The system injects a powerful pulse of compressed air (or gas) into the vessel in a way that creates a vertical circular mixing motion and the contents of the tank are quickly blended into a uniform mix. The mixture can be held in suspension with sequentially-timed pulses that require little expense of energy.

MicroLogix 1100 microcontroller

19 December, 2005 | Rockwell Automation Australia

The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 controller is a microcontroller complete with online editing functionality. The controller allows program modifications without interrupting operation.

Drive mounting system

19 December, 2005 | SEW-Eurodrive Pty Ltd

The TorqLOC keyless hollow shaft drive mounting system was originally available for gear sizes of 37 to 97, the range now accommodates parallel shaft helical and helical-bevel gear sizes up to 107. This allows the mounting system to be used for applications with output torque requirements of up to 8000 Nm - nearly double the driving torque supported by the original range.

Automatic lubricator

18 December, 2005 | Maintenance Systems Consolidated Pty Ltd

GreaseMax is a fully automatic, robust and reliable lubricant dispenser suitable for a wide variety of applications. It ensures adequate supply for any number of points requiring regular lubrication over a given period of time, doing away with the need for time-consuming checks and relubrication visits. It contains 120 cm3 of lubricant and is available as a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month period dispenser.

Sludge and viscous products heat exchanger

28 November, 2005 | Teralba Industries

Teralba has expanded its range of Dimpleflo Monotube Heat Exchangers to include an (8") 200 mm inner tube.

Blower energy recovery heat exchanger

28 November, 2005 | Pump Systems Ltd

Lackeby Products has developed a water/air heat exchanger to extend the life of membranes used in aeration tanks at sites such as wastewater treatment plants. The unit recovers or regains energy heat from the blower-produced air stream which then can be used for the heating for ventilation systems or tap water.

Solids handling pump

28 November, 2005 | Sykes Group Pty Ltd

Sykes' Olympic Pump Range not only pumps dirty water, but also performs the duty with fuel reduction in mind. The impeller, wear plate and volute have all been redesigned to give efficiency levels of 83%. Fuel is minimised through the pumps' ability to reduce engine/motor kW/hp size while still achieving maximum performance. The range of pumps is available with the Sykes Compressor Prime or 60 cfm Vacuum Prime, and sizes range from 80 (3") to 300 mm (12"). Sykes' Olympic 150 mm (6") pump can save up to 340 L of fuel per week.

Pressure system controller

28 November, 2005 | Davey Water Products

The Torrium water pressure system controller will increase the convenience and reliability of householders who rely on an electric pressure pump system for their home water supply.

Surface water drainage device

28 November, 2005 | Reln Pty Ltd

The StormDrain is a surface water drainage product that has a strong, lightweight construction and a unique criss-cross bracing that adds extra strength for all conditions, as well as a pre-drilled outlet for easier installation. It is made from recycled plastic and has accessories that can be easily attached with PVC glue. There is also the option of coloured and stainless steel grates which are available for domestic or commercial installations.

Wind speed and direction display

28 November, 2005 | Amalgamated Instrument Co

A wind speed and direction display from AIC is designed to provide readily accessible information in a compact unit.

Software tool for water industry

28 November, 2005 | Wallingford Software

The latest release of Wallingford Software's InfoWorks, version 6.5, offers extended features in all three modules - water supply, collection systems and river systems. Also, across the product the links with ArcGIS are enhanced, demonstrating the continued commitment to maintaining links with GIS products ArcGIS, MapInfo and Autodesk.

Portable bin lifter

27 November, 2005 | Bin-Go Lifter

The easily operated Bin-Go is a hydraulic portable wheelie bin lifter which has been designed to assist the unloading of wheelie bins into large skips with minimal effort.

Corrosion control products

27 November, 2005 | Corroquip

Corroquip has released a range of sacrificial anodes designed to arrest corrosion of industrial plant and equipment. They can minimise costly down time and premature failure of critical components in the water treatment, process control, mining, petrochemical and marine industries.

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