Sludge and viscous products heat exchanger

28 November, 2005 | Teralba Industries

Teralba has expanded its range of Dimpleflo Monotube Heat Exchangers to include an (8") 200 mm inner tube.

Corrosion control products

27 November, 2005 | Corroquip

Corroquip has released a range of sacrificial anodes designed to arrest corrosion of industrial plant and equipment. They can minimise costly down time and premature failure of critical components in the water treatment, process control, mining, petrochemical and marine industries.

Portable bin lifter

27 November, 2005 | Bin-Go Lifter

The easily operated Bin-Go is a hydraulic portable wheelie bin lifter which has been designed to assist the unloading of wheelie bins into large skips with minimal effort.

Spill containment trap

27 November, 2005 | Baramy Engineering Pty Ltd

The Baramy Spill Containment Trap minimises the effects of spillage accidents in both industry and road-based applications.

Grey wastewater diverter system

25 October, 2005 | Total Eden

The Eco-Care grey wastewater diverter system is a compact (1/3 m2), semi-automatic system that works by collecting water from a household's shower, bath and washing machine. When the wastewater is diverted into the system, the pump is activated, pumping the grey water to the garden and lawn. If the system is not used over a 24 h period, the timer automatically dumps the residual grey water.

Level limit detection in bulk solids

25 October, 2005 | Endress+Hauser Australia Pty Ltd

The storage and handling of bulk materials such as grain, flour and plastic pellets can be a high-risk activity and demands accurate and reliability level limit detection. A poorly designed high level limit switch may cause an overflow or a spill leading to wastage with an adverse financial and environmental impact. On the other hand, unreliable low-level measurements may cause inventory problems that negative affect a company's bottom line.

Chemical analysers

25 October, 2005 | Royce Technologies

The Royce 8500 series multi-parameter UV chemical analysers are manufactured by S::CAN. The systems have a Xenon-based optical sensor and are used in the water and wastewater industries, both industrial and municipal applications.

Particle size monitor

25 October, 2005 | Scientific Solutions Pty Ltd

The Aello probe monitors particle size and/or concentration in industrial processes. The probes are able to provide an index figure which will give an immediate indication of changes in particle size and/or concentration in liquid suspensions and emulsions.

Low power digital camera

25 October, 2005 | Campbell Scientific Aust Pty Ltd

The CC640 digital camera is a low powered, digital camera designed to operate either standalone or in conjunction with a data logger and telemetry system. As a standalone camera and image storage device, it can operate automatically via an in-built timer or be triggered by an external 5 V source. Images are stored on a flash card for later retrieval by PC.

Asbestos safety kit

25 October, 2005 | Rodburn

The RTSK 200 Tradesman Safety Kit is a readily accessible, ruggedly constructed carry bag that contains an assortment of items a worker will need when confronted with asbestos-containing material. The items in the kit are designed to minimise the risk association with asbestos and protect the tradesperson and those around them, to meet legal responsibilities and regulations, and suitably and legally dispose of any waste.

Portable bin lifter

25 October, 2005 | Bin-Go Lifter

The easily operated Bin-Go is a hydraulic portable wheelie bin lifter which has been designed to assist the unloading of wheelie bins into large skips with minimal effort.

FL-3-H dissolved oxygen meter

25 October, 2005 | Process Control Services Pty Ltd

Environmental Instruments, LLC has introduced its model FL-3-H handheld dissolved oxygen meter. There are no membranes or electrolyte and the sensor is not damaged by direct or indirect sunlight. It is a fast responding handheld DO sensor and the keypad functions are simple to use, and the ABS instrument enclosure is waterproof, dustproof, chemical resistant and floatable.

Transmitter for measurement and control

25 October, 2005 | Eutech Instruments Pte Ltd

The Eutech Alpha 500 series industrial 2 wire transmitter isolates its input source from its 4-20 mA output to prevent electrical noise and leakage from interfering with the output signal and eliminates crosstalk between multiple transmitters in the same loop to ensure a stable and reliable measurement and control system.

Waste rippers

24 October, 2005 | ITs Green

Satrind T200 and T400 waste rippers are used to process bulky hard waste or household waste to a form that allows it to be used as an alternative fuel stream or for further processing such as optical separation or sorting.

Backflow prevention

26 September, 2005 | Pentair Valves & Controls

The RP03 and DC03 series of backflow preventers ensure contaminated water cannot flow back into the public mains supply. Using the RPZ (reduced pressure zone) principle featured in Tyco's existing products and with thorough product redesign has further simplified inline service and minimises spares holding requirements.

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