Grey wastewater diverter system

25 October, 2005 | Total Eden

The Eco-Care grey wastewater diverter system is a compact (1/3 m2), semi-automatic system that works by collecting water from a household's shower, bath and washing machine. When the wastewater is diverted into the system, the pump is activated, pumping the grey water to the garden and lawn. If the system is not used over a 24 h period, the timer automatically dumps the residual grey water.

Chemical analysers

25 October, 2005 | Royce Technologies

The Royce 8500 series multi-parameter UV chemical analysers are manufactured by S::CAN. The systems have a Xenon-based optical sensor and are used in the water and wastewater industries, both industrial and municipal applications.

Low power digital camera

25 October, 2005 | Campbell Scientific Aust Pty Ltd

The CC640 digital camera is a low powered, digital camera designed to operate either standalone or in conjunction with a data logger and telemetry system. As a standalone camera and image storage device, it can operate automatically via an in-built timer or be triggered by an external 5 V source. Images are stored on a flash card for later retrieval by PC.

Level limit detection in bulk solids

25 October, 2005 | Endress+Hauser Australia Pty Ltd

The storage and handling of bulk materials such as grain, flour and plastic pellets can be a high-risk activity and demands accurate and reliability level limit detection. A poorly designed high level limit switch may cause an overflow or a spill leading to wastage with an adverse financial and environmental impact. On the other hand, unreliable low-level measurements may cause inventory problems that negative affect a company's bottom line.

Asbestos safety kit

25 October, 2005 | Rodburn

The RTSK 200 Tradesman Safety Kit is a readily accessible, ruggedly constructed carry bag that contains an assortment of items a worker will need when confronted with asbestos-containing material. The items in the kit are designed to minimise the risk association with asbestos and protect the tradesperson and those around them, to meet legal responsibilities and regulations, and suitably and legally dispose of any waste.

Waste rippers

24 October, 2005 | ITs Green

Satrind T200 and T400 waste rippers are used to process bulky hard waste or household waste to a form that allows it to be used as an alternative fuel stream or for further processing such as optical separation or sorting.

Guardian Plus CO2 monitor

26 September, 2005 | Anri Instruments & Controls Pty Ltd

A low-maintenance carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor has been introduced for monitoring and controlling atmospheres in enclosed areas.

Microfiltration system

26 September, 2005 | The Novasys Group Pty Ltd

Freshwater Filter and JP Ceramics provide 'whole of house' microfiltration systems that can take water from a contaminated source and treat it to potable standards. The JP5 will treat up to 300,000 L/y, enough for a four-person household, while the JP10 will provide for households with five persons or more with a capacity of 600,000 L/y. The systems can be connected via the pressurising pump to the point of entry to the dwelling and operate on an 'as required' basis, or can be run periodically to fill the tanks that supply the dwelling.

Multi-channel controller

26 September, 2005 | Burkert Fluid Control Systems

With a colourful 5" screen, the 1150 controller provides for up to four and even extendible to eight control channels, has a real-time clock with 50 programs to be created via an onboard or remote program editor, has freely configurable in and outputs, multiple internal and external alarm functions, 2 PID parameter sets per channel and many more features. Another important feature is the recorder capability for easy commissioning and trending of quality.

Backflow prevention

26 September, 2005 | Pentair Valves & Controls

The RP03 and DC03 series of backflow preventers ensure contaminated water cannot flow back into the public mains supply. Using the RPZ (reduced pressure zone) principle featured in Tyco's existing products and with thorough product redesign has further simplified inline service and minimises spares holding requirements.

Save water website

26 September, 2005 | Savewater! Alliance Inc

The website is used for practical information on the water-saving elements of the new 5 Star standard for new houses and apartments in Victoria. It combines information on the requirements of the standard with water-saving product ideas that can help to achieve it.

Waste weighing system

26 September, 2005 | VEI Payload Management Systems Pty Ltd

The VEI system is installed on a waste vehicle and it can monitor the exact weight of the waste collected. It can be coupled with existing waste management data collection systems to integrate data in one interface in the control room.

Bin cap

26 September, 2005 | Sulo MGB Australia Pty Ltd

The Hi-Topp Bin Caps are designed for high visibility and recognition to encourage source separation and recycling. The built-in coupling system allows for event-specific collection stations to be formed. With large openings on both sides the caps allow for better traffic flow and visibility.

Inductive conductivity and temperature transmitter

26 September, 2005 | Practical Control Solutions

The series of JUMO CTI-500 conductivity and temperature transmitters uses an inductive measurement technique to provide virtually maintenance-free measurement of temperature-corrected conductivity from 0-500 micro Siemen/cm to 0-2000 milli Siemen/cm. The temperature measurement range is from 0 to 150°C with a fast response in-stream stainless steel probe and an internal, slower response probe option not in contact with the liquid.

Self-cleaning water filters

26 September, 2005 | Royce Water Technologies Pty Ltd

Reusing secondary treated water or plant effluent possesses numerous dirty water problems. Problems include plugging of spray nozzles; fouling of pipes; blinding of sensors, scrubbers, membranes, R/O, and analysers; wearing of pump gland seals; and plugging of irrigation heads. Such issues cause unscheduled shutdown for maintenance and cleaning.

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