Chlorine measurement

10 April, 2005 | Sitest Pty Ltd

Eutech Instruments' meter for the measurement of free chlorine, total chlorine, cyanuric acid and pH is a laboratory-grade microprocessor-based colorimeter designed to deliver quick, accurate results with high repeatability.

Simple gas monitoring

10 April, 2005 | KD Fisher & Co Pty Ltd

The Gasman personal gas monitor is small, light and easy to use. Weighing between 105 and 130 g (depending on sensor type), it is durable, with high impact resistance and ingress protection to IP65/67. When a hazardous gas is detected the device alerts the user with a 95 dBA alarm, a bright red/blue visual warning, and also by vibrating.

Fixed gas detectors

10 April, 2005 | Sensor Technologies Pty Ltd

The Zellweger Analytics Zareba range of fixed point gas detection systems provides easy-to-use and affordable flammable, toxic and oxygen gas monitoring solutions that can be created by users selecting the most appropriate sensors and controllers for the application. As a result users can meet relevant safety requirements quickly and easily.

Sewage grinding pump station

10 April, 2005 | NOV Australia Pty Ltd

The Mono Pumps model G60 Grifter package is an Australian designed and manufactured sewage grinding pump station for pressure sewer systems.

Replaceable machinery filter

10 April, 2005 | SMC Australia | New Zealand

The Series FN1 filter designed for machine tool and general machinery industries has a patented element design and back-flush feature, which means it generates no industrial waste as there are no replaceable filter elements.

Groundwater quality monitoring

10 April, 2005 | Aqualab Scientific Pty Ltd

The CTD-Diver is a fully standalone data logger with built-in memory, battery and sensors. Its ceramic casing and conductivity measuring range (0-80 mS) make it suitable for use at every measuring site.

Gas hazard monitor

10 April, 2005 | KD Fisher & Co Pty Ltd

Crowcon's Gasmaster control panel monitors toxic and flammable gases in water and wastewater installations. The wall-mounted device displays all gas levels simultaneously on a large, multilingual LED display, allowing full system status checks at a glance.

Battery-powered flowmeter

10 April, 2005 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Elis Plzen's FL1024 with integral display and FL1025 with remote display are primarily intended for industrial and commercial applications in water supply systems, where they provide measurement and data storage of instantaneous flow rates and average water consumption.


09 April, 2005 | Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Burkert's type 8041 insertion magmeter is for pipe sizes from 1/2 to 8" and can be usesd with temperatures up to 150°C and pressure to 16 bar.

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