Manual dumping station

22 February, 2006 | Flexicon Australia Pty Ltd

A Manual Dumping Station with integral flexible screw conveyor collects dust created during manual dumping of powder and bulk solid materials from bags, boxes, drums and other containers.

Sink drainage solution

22 February, 2006 | All Pumps Sales & Service

All Pumps Sales & Service has made available a sink drainage solution for residential premises where gravity fall to sewer cannot be achieved.

Pump controller with pump alternation

21 February, 2006 | Dwyer Instruments (Aust) Pty Ltd

Control and monitor your pumps operation with the NEW Series MPC Junior Pump Controller from the Mercoid division of Dwyer Instruments.

General-purpose pH sensor

27 January, 2006 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

The Barben Analyser Technology (BAT) general-purpose pH sensor is suitable for water, wastewater, cooling towers, boiler feed, and other utility applications where no significant hydrocarbons are present.

Calibration station

27 January, 2006 | Industrial Scientific Corporation

The Cal Plus Calibration Station features simple, two-button operation for quickly and easily calibrating or function (bump) testing the GasBadge Plus Monitor. The large LCD and LED indicators then show whether or not the instrument passed or failed the desired function.

Septic tanker receival station

27 January, 2006 | CST Wastewater Solutions

The Septic Tanker Receival Station is a complete package including flowmeter, control valve, fully automated controller and self-contained screen. It allows councils to control and measure the discharges to their sewage plant.

Peristaltic hose pumps

27 January, 2006 | H2O Rx

The PeriFlo range of Peristaltic Hose Pumps is now distributed by H2O Rx. The range includes 20 pump models, complete engineered pump systems and UL listed custom controls.

Solvent recovery system

27 January, 2006 | The Novasys Group Pty Ltd

OFRU Recycling from Babenhausen/Germany has introduced a small solvent recovery system.


27 January, 2006 | Dwyer Instruments (Aust) Pty Ltd

The series SG stainless steel gauges have dual psi/kPa scales and are available in 2½ and 4" dial sizes. Units are designed with 304 SS housings and either brass wetted parts or 316 SS wetted parts for good chemical compatibility. A wide selection of ranges is available, from full vacuum to 100,000 kPa. These durable gauges can withstand ambient temperatures up to 65°C and process temperatures up to 270°C. The gauges are easily liquid-filled in the field without the need for a separate kit.

Pump/pressure system selection guide

27 January, 2006 | Davey Water Products

Davey Water Products has released Issue No 15 of its comprehensive Product Selection Guide.

XRF analysis reference standards

26 January, 2006 | Graham B Jackson Pty Ltd

European Community (EC) directives have defined specific limits for heavy metals in plastic. Sets of PE and PVC Reference Materials have been designed for screening heavy metals to check compliance of these limits.

ISC Signal Isolator

26 January, 2006 | Innovec Controls Pty Ltd

The ISC Signal Isolator is a single channel universal isolating transmitter providing true three-way galvanic isolation up to 2000 VRMS. The input signal is isolated from the output by a microprocessor controller optocoupler. The standard instrument accepts a 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC input signal and produces a scaleable 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC output signal with an accuracy of 0.1%. Final calibration is achieved using the front of instrument accessible 15 turn zero and span potentiometers.

Polymer system

26 January, 2006 | Acromet (Aust) Pty Ltd

Acromet has released a range of fully automated and portable Polymer systems that can be used in water and wastewater applications where flocculation is required. Both liquid and powder systems are available.

Microbe DIY test kit

20 December, 2005 | Melaklean Cleaner Air Products

The Melaklean Cleaner Air Products microbial test DIY kit can be used on process water, drinking water, waste water or recycled water, and gives an answer in 24 hours.

Activated sludge respirometer

19 December, 2005 | The Novasys Group Pty Ltd

The latest version of the Strathkelvin Strathtox respirometer can tell users quickly, simply and clearly when the bacteria should be fed less, aerated less and loaded more in an activated sludge or IDEA treatment plant. This is done by measuring their actual respiration rate.

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