Wastewater lagoon bio-remediation

Tuesday, 21 March, 2006 | Supplied by: http://www.roycewater.com.au/

Byogon PX-109 is a special extract of plant material and 100% organic. Developed by the University of Hawaii as a bio-stimulant it is designed to enhance cell growth. It is an alkaloid that acts to increase cellular metabolism of a wide variety of naturally occurring microorganisms. When combined in wastewater streams it releases Xeronine to re-invigorate existing bacteria in sewage to reduce odour, greases, and improve water quality.

It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable liquid that is 100% biodegradable and safe for humans and animals. It works like a bacteria or 'bug' getting on a treadmill. Our 'bug' is working harder as the treadmill increases its respiration rate.

Traditional methods of sludge reduction in lagoon wastewater treatment plants include costly draining of lagoons and mechanically removing the solids using heavy equipment or dredging the lagoons using a portable dredge. In addition, there is the issue of sludge disposal. Byogon PX-109 has been used for bio-remediation of lagoon wastewater treatment plants. Very small daily dosage amounts have proven to reduce sludge volume, reduce total suspended solids, reduce total volatile solids, reduce BOD, reduce/eliminate odours, reduce/eliminate fats, oils and greases.

The product is suitable for wastewater streams in many industries including municipal, pulp and paper, rendering plants, dairy, food processing and refineries. Tailored programs of trial and implementation are designed based on the specific requirements of each site.

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