Micro-sized air bubbles required for DAF Plant

17 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Hydro Innovations

Veolia Northern Territory required a cost-effective solution to provide a large amount of micro-sized air bubbles for the DAF system at its wastewater treatment facility.

Envirosuite and Western Australia’s Water Corporation enter into SeweX proof of concept

03 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Envirosuite Operations Pty Ltd

Envirosuite has agreed terms with Western Australia’s Water Corporation for a proof of concept of its SeweX software solution for the water industry.

Harvesting biomass from wastewater recycling

02 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Flinders University

The highly sustainable wastewater recycling program includes a cost-effective way to harvest microalgal biomass for use in biofuels and other applications.

AJ Bush improves sustainability and efficiency with new aerator

01 September, 2021 | Supplied by: Hydro Innovations

AJ Bush & Sons contacted Hydro Innovations for advice and assistance in replacing aging surface aerators on their wastewater treatment system.

Environmental justice laws and waste operation

10 August, 2021 by Alex Zamudio, Environmental Intelligence Advisor at Envirosuite | Supplied by: Envirosuite Operations Pty Ltd

How waste operations in areas with Environmental Justice laws are staying ahead of community impact.

Why the odour management space needs innovation

06 August, 2021 | Supplied by: Envirosuite Operations Pty Ltd

New methods to reduce odour impact are allowing operators to better manage odour complaints and enhance overall efficiency at their sites.

The project transforming biosolids into biochar

13 July, 2021

A wastewater management strategy will recover biosolids headed for landfill and transform them into re-usable products.

Construction complete on $30m Ipswich wastewater upgrade

01 July, 2021 | Supplied by: Urban Utilities

The project involved renewing and upgrading several important pieces of infrastructure at the plant, including the inlet works where solids are screened out of wastewater.

Treating wastewater in plastics recycling applications

03 June, 2021 | Supplied by: Krones (Thailand) Co Ltd

The sustainabability of recycling technology should not be assessed by the quality of its end-product alone — the processes play an equally important role.

Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT ILR2250 laser distance sensor

02 June, 2021 | Supplied by: Bestech Australia Pty Ltd

The sensor offers a measurement range of up to 100 m, which can be extended to 150 m by attaching an additional reflector film on the object to be measured.

Hawker Electronics conductivity measurement devices

01 June, 2021 | Supplied by: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Hawker Electronics' conductivity measurement devices are designed for a wide range of chemical applications, including wastewater.

Wastewater treatment system recovers electricity and filters water

14 May, 2021

Valuable resources can be recovered from wastewater using dual-function electrodes that also filter water in a microbial electrochemical system.

Meat manufacturer upgrades wastewater treatment plant

11 May, 2021 | Supplied by: Hydro Innovations

A J Bush upgrades wastewater treatment to improve operating efficiencies and reduce odours.

Low-maintenance horizontal drum screens debut at Ozwater '21

10 May, 2021 | Supplied by: CST Wastewater Solutions

CST Wastewater Solutions has introduced its horizontal in-channel rotary drum screening technology at Ozwater'21 this month.

Recycled wastewater gives koalas a home among the gum trees

10 May, 2021

Urban Utilities used treated wastewater to help its blue gum plantation thrive — about four swimming pools' worth a day!

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