Desert Cube waterless urinal

24 June, 2005 | Desert Ecosystems Pty Ltd

The Desert Cube waterless urinal system uses a small dissolvable microbial cube which eliminates the need for a flushing mechanism. The system uses the existing urinal bowl or trough, transforming it to a waterless system.

Oily water separator

24 June, 2005 | Antelope Engineering

RWO's Oily Water Separator is capable of handling emulsions and also has applications for land-based wastewater treatment plants. It is capable of reducing the oil content to less than 15 ppm and in extreme cases to less than 5 ppm.

WaterGuard water management tool

23 June, 2005 | Watersave Australia Pty Ltd

WaterGuard can monitor and detect abnormal flows of water resulting from breakage, misuse, vandalism, or neglect of water pipes and appliances like taps and toilets.

Tank mixing system

23 June, 2005 | Pump Systems Ltd

The Rotamix nozzle tank mixing system has no moving parts inside the tank. It uses fixed nozzle assemblies and once the nozzle assemblies are installed, the nozzles are adjusted to the factory specified angle and permanently tightened. No additional adjustment is required.

Mini excavator

06 May, 2005 | New Holland Construction Australia

The EH.B series mini excavator has a high horsepower and a large capacity engine.

Dust collection system

06 May, 2005 | Torit DCE Australia

The dust collection system from Torit DCE reduces dust emission to levels that meet or exceed environmental and health and safety legislation requirements.

Hooded roof fan

06 May, 2005 | Fanquip

The waste disposal sector and other industries operating in buildings full of noxious gases can better regulate fresh-air flow with hooded roof fans from Fanquip.

Gas testing kit

06 May, 2005 | KD Fisher & Co Pty Ltd

With Crowcon's Gas Testing Kit, users of the Tetra four-gas personal monitor can ensure that their instruments remain accurate at all times.

M40.M multi-gas monitor

06 May, 2005 | Industrial Scientific Corporation

The M40.M is a multi-gas monitor designed to provide personal protection in mines and other work environments where hazardous levels of oxygen, methane, carbon monoxide and/or hydrogen sulfide may be present.

Ultrasonic flowmeter

06 May, 2005 | Measuring And Control Equipment Pty Ltd

The Dynasonic TFXP Portable Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter features advanced non-invasive flow measurement technology, providing a measuring system with accuracy, versatility, ease of installation and dependability.

Online analysers

06 May, 2005 | Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd

The TNPC-4110 series of online analysers is capable of simultaneous measurement of total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) in water.

Hydraulic modelling software

06 May, 2005 | Wallingford Software

The InfoWorks v 6.0 hydraulic modelling suite includes two new features - the Open Data Export Center and the 3D Viewer - that improve its flexibility of output and the handling of 3D images.

Level measurement

05 May, 2005 | Siemens Ltd

The Sitrans Probe LU (ultrasonic) and Sitrans Probe LR (radar) continuous level transmitters are suitable for storage vessels, process vessels and open channels in water and wastewater, food and chemical industries.

Digital temperature controller

05 May, 2005 | Omron Electronics Pty Ltd

The E5CN temperature controller has been enhanced with extra features. The new series has twice the previous model's input sampling speed and supports thermocouple/platinum resistance thermometer or analog input types in a different model.

Wastewater filter presses

10 April, 2005 | Ovivo

Amston filter presses are suitable for use in industrial wastewater treatment plants including food processing, paint manufacturers, electroplaters and chemical manufacturers as well as mineral processing and power station water treatment plants. They are also used in municipal potable water treatment plants for sand filter and membrane filtration backwash water dewatering.

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