Wastewater pumps

17 May, 2006 | Allight Pty Ltd

The submersible wastewater pumps range of Danish-built PXPumps has a design which is centred around minimising life cycle costs (LCCs). This is achieved by improved hydraulic and electrical efficiencies.

Chemical analysis

16 May, 2006 | Royce Water Technologies Pty Ltd

ChemScan manufactures a range of single and multi-parameter online process chemical analysers to measure chemicals at municipal drinking water treatment plants and municipal wastewater treatment plants or in an industrial process involving liquids.

Environment risk assessment program

16 May, 2006 | Hearne Scientific Software Pty Ltd

Aquarisk is a program developed by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and commercialised by Hearne Scientific Software.

Remote location level monitoring

16 May, 2006 | Semrad Instrumentation Products

The SET-1000 and SET-2000 series oil/water/silt/sludge monitors are now available in 12 VDC for remote locations using solar cells.

Non-intrusive actuator

16 May, 2006 | Acrodyne Pty Ltd

The Limitorque Accutronix MX is a non-intrusive, double-sealed, smart electronic actuator. It is suitable for industries such as power generation, petrochemical and water/wastewater treatment.

Ion chromatography

16 May, 2006 | Metrohm Australia & New Zealand

The Metrohm 861 Advanced Compact IC is used for ion chromatography and water analysis. It has a compact design, high sensitivity, low detection limits, comprehensive automation possibilities - all combined with easy handling.

Air pollution control system

18 April, 2006 | MEGTEC Systems Australia Ltd

The Cleanswitch modular oxidiser is a regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) that is claimed to remove 99-plus per cent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) without using a VOC entrapment system.

Self-cleaning water filtration

18 April, 2006 | Royce Water Technologies Pty Ltd

Tekleen self-cleaning filters provide users with automatic self-cleaning without interruption to the flow. A differential pressure switch monitors the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet which increases as dirt particulate is trapped by the screen. When the preset differential pressure value is reached the filter performs a cleaning cycle that lasts only 5 s and uses less than 10 L of water without any interruption to the flow.

Ventilation and indoor air quality analysis

18 April, 2006 | Testo Pty Ltd

Indoor air quality checks provide information about whether employees are working in an agreeable climate.

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

18 April, 2006 | Scientific Solutions Pty Ltd

The PG Instruments range of atomic absorption spectrophotometers includes the PGI 990 which is capable of flame only, graphite furnace only or combined modes, with automatic interchange between modes. Also automatically driven are the eight-lamp turret, burner height, gas flow rate adjustment, beam splitter positioning and switchover of spectral bandwidth (five choices).

Wet/wet differential pressure transmitter

18 April, 2006 | Dwyer Instruments (Aust) Pty Ltd

The Series 631 wet/wet differential pressure transmitter is claimed to reduce cost by eliminating parts by combining a differential pressure gauge with a transmitter.

Rainwater reuse system

18 April, 2006 | Kelair Pumps Aust

The Kelair-RRS range features a robust industrial-rated solution to rainwater reuse. The system includes automatic towns' main backup in the event of power failure or insufficient rain/stormwater supply. Due to the flow and pressure ratings of the system, any pump or pump system can be connected.

Water treatment

18 April, 2006 | Pall (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Pall Aria AP-series packaged water treatment system is easy to install, operate and integrate into a system. It provides all the benefits of a membrane system in a small footprint.

Algae control device

18 April, 2006 | Royce Water Technologies Pty Ltd

SonicSolutions is an ultrasonic algae control device that gets rid of algae without harming other aquatic life. The unit floats just below the water's surface and kills algae by producing a precise frequency of ultrasonic waves that disrupts and destroys the cellular functioning and structure of the algae.

UV disinfection system

18 April, 2006 | CST Wastewater Solutions

The bersonInLine + medium pressure UV disinfection system is designed specifically for drinking water and wastewater disinfection, the system combines the low maintenance, high efficiency and small footprint of the original bersonInLine system with enhanced performance, features and controls.

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