Ventilation and indoor air quality analysis

18 April, 2006 | Testo Pty Ltd

Indoor air quality checks provide information about whether employees are working in an agreeable climate.

Glass recycling process

18 April, 2006 | ITs Green

The GlassAGG system from Glass Aggregate Systems is capable of processing plate and laminated window glass, and glass beverage and food containers. The process converts the waste glass into a marketable glass aggregate fine of various sizes depending on its end use. The fines can be used for sand blasting, road base aggregate, septic tank drains, landscaping, concrete additives, hydroponics, etc.

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

18 April, 2006 | Scientific Solutions Pty Ltd

The PG Instruments range of atomic absorption spectrophotometers includes the PGI 990 which is capable of flame only, graphite furnace only or combined modes, with automatic interchange between modes. Also automatically driven are the eight-lamp turret, burner height, gas flow rate adjustment, beam splitter positioning and switchover of spectral bandwidth (five choices).

Air pollution control system

18 April, 2006 | MEGTEC Systems Australia Ltd

The Cleanswitch modular oxidiser is a regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) that is claimed to remove 99-plus per cent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) without using a VOC entrapment system.

Water treatment

18 April, 2006 | Pall (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Pall Aria AP-series packaged water treatment system is easy to install, operate and integrate into a system. It provides all the benefits of a membrane system in a small footprint.

Washdown motor

21 March, 2006 | M Rutty & Co Pty Ltd

The washdown motor range is based on AC servomotors from the Mavilor BL series of synchronous electric motors.

GasBadge Plus gas monitor

21 March, 2006 | Industrial Scientific Corporation

The GasBadge Plus single gas monitor provides low-cost, personal protection from dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide.

Wastewater treatment system

21 March, 2006 | GBG Wastewater Management Pty Ltd

The Kele Effluent Wastewater Treatment System (KEWT) was developed by Ben Kele during the course of his Master's study at the Central Queensland University. The system is a recirculating on-site wastewater treatment and effluent reuse technology. The wastewater undergoes primary treatment and is then further treated through a lined sub-surface recirculating filter combined with an evapotranspiration area. The mixture of filter materials can be adapted to suit the treatment requirements; the most commonly used components are sand, blue metal, river rock, zeolite, scoria and charcoal.

Wastewater lagoon bio-remediation

21 March, 2006 | Royce Water Technologies Pty Ltd

Byogon PX-109 is a special extract of plant material and 100% organic. Developed by the University of Hawaii as a bio-stimulant it is designed to enhance cell growth. It is an alkaloid that acts to increase cellular metabolism of a wide variety of naturally occurring microorganisms. When combined in wastewater streams it releases Xeronine to re-invigorate existing bacteria in sewage to reduce odour, greases, and improve water quality.

Monitoring and analysis product range

21 March, 2006 | Environmental & Process Technologies

The Evita Analytical Instrumentation product range from Danfoss by the Hach Company is now available from Environmental & Process Technologies, a division of Biolab (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Dust and waste extraction

21 March, 2006 | Eximo

The Ace-Quattro vibration and acoustics analyser from Data Physics is portable and is claimed to provide 40 times faster data and signal transfers as well as provide nanometer displacement measurements.

Vector drives

21 March, 2006 | Bonfiglioli Transmission Pty Ltd

The Synplus SPL200 and SPL400 series of sensorless vector drives complement the VVVF drives range designed to enhance process control and facilitate the ongoing introduction of mechatronic drives technology.

Sustainability diagnostic tool

21 March, 2006 | Futureye Pty Ltd

A website diagnostic tool has been developed to assess a company's ability to manage stakeholders and help it rate their sustainability performance.

Submersible pressure transmitter

21 March, 2006 | Unispan Instruments Pty Ltd

The AquiStar PT2X submersible pressure transmitter represents the latest in state-of-the-art level measurement technology. Building on years of successful experience, this industry standard digital RS485 interface device offers great noise immunity, thermal performance and transient protection.

Hand-pressurised container pumps

20 March, 2006 | Pump Systems Ltd

The GoatThroat hand-pressurised precision pumps allow users to pump fluid from a container, from 5 to 200 L, with no power, just simple one-handed operation.

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