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Leveraging the cloud for better design of water and wastewater treatment plants

14 April, 2021 by Chaim Kolominskas, Global Head, Water and Waste, Envirosuite and Darren Szczepanski, Product Manager, Smart Water, Envirosuite

Cloud-based products have the potential to deliver significant innovations to treatment plant design packages.

The power of mushrooms to create healthier waterways

13 April, 2021

A silent experiment is underway in Melbourne to create healthier, cleaner waterways using 'mushi' organic floating wetlands as an alternative to plastic ones.

Sunflower pollen sponge to soak up oil spills from water

09 April, 2021

Scientists have developed an 'eco-friendly' sponge made from sunflower pollen to tackle water contaminants.

Bacteria lend a hand to separate water and oil

15 March, 2021

Researchers from NC State have discovered that certain bacteria make a slimy but tough biofilm for protection and motility — and it can be used to separate water and oil.

Airport PFAS water treatment plant powered by solar

13 November, 2020

Environmental services provider Enviropacific has completed construction of an innovative water treatment facility at Melbourne Airport to tackle PFAS contamination.

Metal-free Monash method removes E. coli from water

26 October, 2020

Engineers at Monash University have devised an improved method to remove potentially deadly bacteria from water using graphitic carbon nitride and sunlight.

No solvent, no effluent: a new approach to water treatment

14 July, 2020

A team of engineers has invented a machine that allows water to be treated without the need for solvents.

Veolia Water Technologies SIRION Pro range

09 June, 2020

The SIRION Pro is a skid-mounted reverse osmosis system for high-quality industrial-process water production.

K-TORK actuators used for water filtering project

28 May, 2020

One of Florida's largest low-pressure ultrafiltration (UF) membrane plants has installed over 300 Rotork K-TORK pneumatic vane actuators.

Do current water treatment methods eliminate SARS-CoV-19?

07 April, 2020

Environmental engineers have called for more research to determine if current water treatment methods effectively kill coronaviruses, including the SARS-CoV-19 virus.

Triton TR80 Turbidity Sensor with automated cleaning wiper

01 April, 2020

The Triton TR80 from Electro-Chemical Devices is a nephelometric turbidity sensor designed for use in water and wastewater.

Modifying nanocarbons to purify water

24 March, 2020

A research team from Nagoya University has developed a novel method for removing heavy metals from water.

Bürkert Australia celebrates 40 years

20 January, 2020

Chris Hoey shares details about Bürkert Australia's 40-year history, its ethos and how the company is preparing for future challenges... 2020 and beyond.

Water tech hub launches in Singapore

10 January, 2020

A multidisciplinary centre for water, wastewater and energy technologies has been launched by global water tech company Xylem at its regional headquarters in Singapore.

New technology at water treatment plant improves THM control

07 November, 2019 by Wayne Handford, Coordinator Operations, Toowoomba Regional Council

Toowoomba Regional Council's Yarraman WTP struggled with trihalomethane failures until new technology improved sludge control and TOC.

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