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Achieving even water filtration

19 February, 2018

When a water treatment facility recently undertook a major refurbishment, routine testing of its filtration system showed cause for concern.

A new way to filter salt and metal ions from water

12 February, 2018

Australian and US researchers have discovered a way to utilise metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to make sea water suitable for drinking.

Evoqua Water Technologies OSEC L electrolyser

07 February, 2018

The OSEC L electrolyser is a water disinfection system that creates sodium hypochlorite on-site and on demand. Compact, easy to install and easy to use, the product offers push-button operation, plug-and-play installation and a footprint roughly 50% smaller than other on-site generators, according to the company.

Australians enjoy a good drink…

15 January, 2018

Australians enjoy a good drink, and that includes healthy, sparkling clean and tasty tap water.

Philippines water purification plant gets an upgrade

11 December, 2017

De Nora Water Technologies is partnering with JFE Engineering to upgrade the biggest water purification plant in the Philippines, which supplies water to approximately six million people in Metropolitan Manila.

Hydroflux HUBER joins with EPCO Australia

05 December, 2017

The Hydroflux Group of water treatment companies has announced the launch of Hydroflux Epco — a brand combining wastewater innovator Hydroflux HUBER with EPCO Australia, one of Australia's longest standing water companies.

Breakthrough in treating PFAS groundwater contamination

03 October, 2017

Scientists at OPEC Systems have developed new technology that is said to provide a breakthrough for communities experiencing PFAS groundwater contamination.

FLUID SYSTEMS nanofiltration and reverse osmosis products

19 September, 2017

FLUID SYSTEMS' nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) product lines are suitable for the delivery of consistent, high-quality filtration, offering municipal and industrial clients a total treatment solution with re-use potential.

Hach RTC (Real Time Control) water treatment systems

20 July, 2017

Hach's RTC (Real Time Control) solutions are complete off-the-shelf systems that adjust treatment processes in real time. Standardised RTC modules can be combined and configured to deliver a holistic water treatment optimisation solution, tailored to plant-specific requirements, which will improve compliance and reduce operating expenses.

Advanced oxidation process for taste and odour removal

30 March, 2017

To remove taste and odour compounds at Sung-Nam Water Treatment Plant, Xylem provided a complete advanced oxidation processes (AOP) system.

Wastewater filtration with graphene oxide

20 February, 2017

Australian SMEs Clean TeQ and Ionic Industries have joined forces with a leading graphene researcher to develop next-gen water and wastewater filtration technology.

Hydroflux Group acquires EPCO Australia

09 December, 2016

Water treatment group Hydroflux has completed its acquisition of EPCO Australia, accelerating the business's efforts to be an active participant in the mining and resource sector.

Water treatment unit delivered to Ichthys LNG Project

21 September, 2016

Veolia's MPPE unit will be used to treat the gas/condensate produced water stream on the Ichthys LNG Project's floating production storage and offloading facility, an initiative of INPEX.

Veolia HYDREX Aquavista 5C automated cooling water treatment

16 August, 2016

Veolia Water Technologies has introduced the HYDREX AquaVista (Aquavista 5C) — an automated control and monitoring system adaptable for most water treatment systems, including open and closed cooling circuits, membranes and boilers.

Hydro-dis water treatment technology

25 July, 2016

Hydro-dis has developed water treatment technology that provides immediate disinfection and is said to improve the efficiency of metal removal. It also provides residual chlorine, which reduces contamination after treatment and gives the water a level that meets the standard of drinking water.

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