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Diaphragm valve

20 October, 2006

The Type 2031 2/2-way diaphragm valve has been designed with modular options and additions for use with water treatment, biotechnology and food and beverage industry applications, particularly cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilising-in-place (SIP).

Kolon Industries a supplier for ITT’s water treatment solutions

06 October, 2006

ITT continues to strengthen its capabilities as a water treatment solutions provider. Kolon Industries has signed an agreement to exclusively supply membrane fibres and modules for ITT’s Membrane Bioreactors which are used in Reuse Systems and Drinking Water Systems. Kolon Industries will also support and provide ITT with long-term membrane fibre and module development.

How dirty is the bottom of Sydney Harbour?

13 September, 2006

We know the condition of the water in Sydney Harbour and other estuaries, bays and rivers. What about the mud at the bottom? Until now, there have not been consistent ways to measure these sediments which are essential to aquatic life.

Water-purification method promises radical improvement

28 June, 2006

Delft University of Technology research has discovered a method that could drastically change the way we purify water within a few years. Delft, in partnership with DHV engineering bureau, has developed a compact and environmentally-friendly purification method, in which aerobic bacteria form granules that sink quickly.

Ground water sampling seminars

20 June, 2006

Enviroequip is hosting a series of ground water seminars in August to be presented by David Kaminski, international expert in ground water sampling methods.

Water treatment

18 April, 2006

The Pall Aria AP-series packaged water treatment system is easy to install, operate and integrate into a system. It provides all the benefits of a membrane system in a small footprint.

Self-cleaning water filtration

18 April, 2006

Tekleen self-cleaning filters provide users with automatic self-cleaning without interruption to the flow. A differential pressure switch monitors the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet which increases as dirt particulate is trapped by the screen. When the preset differential pressure value is reached the filter performs a cleaning cycle that lasts only 5 s and uses less than 10 L of water without any interruption to the flow.

$1 million donation launches UNSW water research team

12 April, 2006

A Sydney business executive has donated $1 million to create Australia's first Chair of Water Management, based at UNSW.

Water resource projects on the agenda

05 April, 2006

Eligible organisations across the country will have the opportunity to invest in major water resource projects with the announcement today of a new call for proposals under the federal government’s Water Smart Australia program.

Self-cleaning industrial water filter

22 February, 2006

The Baleen Filter combines micro-screening with a self-cleaning mechanism to deliver reliable and economical filtration results. Solids of greater size than the filter media aperture will be separated and collected with minimal water retention.

Centrifugal pump

22 February, 2006

The Goulds ITT model GSC horizontal, double suction, split-case centrifugal pumps are specifically designed for applications such as water supply primary lift and booster stations, power plant filtration, water treatment, and cleaning applications in the pulp and paper industry. Additionally the building and fire industries use this style of pump.

ICT to address issues of water management

16 January, 2006

National ICT Australia (NICTA) has announced the first of its Priority Challenge Strategic Projects, the Water Information Network (WIN) Project. According to NICTA, this project is aimed at providing the information infrastructure to support smart use of the water resource on the scale of an entire water catchment.

Open-channel or closed-pipe UV disinfection?

03 November, 2005

At a recent international conference on wastewater treatment, a discussion was included on why more and more operators of wastewater treatment facilities are now opting for closed-pipe UV disinfection systems instead of older, open-channel systems

Self-cleaning water filters

26 September, 2005

Reusing secondary treated water or plant effluent possesses numerous dirty water problems. Problems include plugging of spray nozzles; fouling of pipes; blinding of sensors, scrubbers, membranes, R/O, and analysers; wearing of pump gland seals; and plugging of irrigation heads. Such issues cause unscheduled shutdown for maintenance and cleaning.

Digital manometer and logger

26 September, 2005

The Keller Leo-Record and Leo-Record EEx ia are compact digital instruments that measure both pressure and temperature. They are suitable for use in factories and pipelines. Up to 57,000 readings can be stored in their non-volatile memory.

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