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Clearer picture of the Murray-Darling's future

29 February, 2008

The latest issue of ECOS reports on a massive research effort to accurately map the Murray-Darling Basin's surface water and groundwater resources.

Monitoring water in schools

23 January, 2008

HydroShare is a web-based water consumption monitoring system which monitors actual use, trend and water flow in real time which means that water leaks can be identified immediately and repaired faster

Bottle makes dirty water drinkable

11 January, 2008

Michael Pritchard has introduced the Lifesaver container, a plastic bottle that claims to instantly clean the dirtiest water, making it safe to drink.

Are there extras in our drinking water?

18 October, 2007

Are chemicals, such as human hormones and pharmaceuticals, getting into Australian water supplies and creating possible health risks to the public? Researchers from the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Water Quality and Treatment are holding an industry workshop in Melbourne giving an overview of recent studies attempting to provide answers to this question.

More reasons to leave the car at home

24 September, 2007 by Kylie Wilson-Field, Journalist

In a recent report issued by Purdue University in the US, researchers found that parking spaces in and around large shopping centres and retail parks are playing a role in heating up urban areas and adding to water pollution

Scientists tackle acid menace

21 August, 2007

Australia's clean-up scientists are getting ready to kick ASS (otherwise known as acid sulphate soils).

Disruptive technologies give unexpected innovations in water management

12 July, 2007

“New techniques based on developments in bio and nanotechnologies will provide significant improvements to the everyday management of water supplies,†Environmental Biotechnology CRC executive director and president of the International Water Association, Dr David Garman said at the American Water Works Association’s annual conference (ACE 07) in Toronto, Canada recently.

Danfoss digs deep into environmental issues

24 May, 2007 by Sylvia Aitken, Editor

Waste Streams recently had the opportunity to pick the brain of Danfoss president, Sven Ruder. In this revealing interview, we take a look at the company's successful philosophy and why the environment is a key concern to a number of its processes

Diaphragm valve

20 October, 2006

The Type 2031 2/2-way diaphragm valve has been designed with modular options and additions for use with water treatment, biotechnology and food and beverage industry applications, particularly cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilising-in-place (SIP).

Kolon Industries a supplier for ITT’s water treatment solutions

06 October, 2006

ITT continues to strengthen its capabilities as a water treatment solutions provider. Kolon Industries has signed an agreement to exclusively supply membrane fibres and modules for ITT’s Membrane Bioreactors which are used in Reuse Systems and Drinking Water Systems. Kolon Industries will also support and provide ITT with long-term membrane fibre and module development.

How dirty is the bottom of Sydney Harbour?

13 September, 2006

We know the condition of the water in Sydney Harbour and other estuaries, bays and rivers. What about the mud at the bottom? Until now, there have not been consistent ways to measure these sediments which are essential to aquatic life.

Water-purification method promises radical improvement

28 June, 2006

Delft University of Technology research has discovered a method that could drastically change the way we purify water within a few years. Delft, in partnership with DHV engineering bureau, has developed a compact and environmentally-friendly purification method, in which aerobic bacteria form granules that sink quickly.

Ground water sampling seminars

20 June, 2006

Enviroequip is hosting a series of ground water seminars in August to be presented by David Kaminski, international expert in ground water sampling methods.

Water treatment

18 April, 2006

The Pall Aria AP-series packaged water treatment system is easy to install, operate and integrate into a system. It provides all the benefits of a membrane system in a small footprint.

Self-cleaning water filtration

18 April, 2006

Tekleen self-cleaning filters provide users with automatic self-cleaning without interruption to the flow. A differential pressure switch monitors the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet which increases as dirt particulate is trapped by the screen. When the preset differential pressure value is reached the filter performs a cleaning cycle that lasts only 5 s and uses less than 10 L of water without any interruption to the flow.

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