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Water treatment at the source

12 February, 2014

Western Water's Rosslynne Water Filtration Plant (WFP), located in Gisborne, Victoria, has had an innovative water treatment process implemented that will help to provide high-quality water to local properties.

AEA Investors acquires Siemens Water Technologies

21 January, 2014

AEA Investors has secured regulatory approvals and closed on an agreement to acquire the municipal, industrial and services water and wastewater treatment operations and assets of Siemens Water Technologies.

Saving water with dry vacuum

07 January, 2014

Water usage is a major consideration within manufacturing and many are searching for sustainable processes to minimise the use of this precious resource. The answer may lie in the industry's willingness to embrace the use of sustainable technologies.

Backwashing: a critical factor in water treatment plant performance

07 January, 2014

In water treatment plants, the quality of water output is determined by how well the filtration system is operating. A key ingredient in keeping the filtration system working at its best is the frequency and quality of backwashing processes.

Trafag 8432 series Ex Submersible pressure transmitter

18 December, 2013

The Trafag 8432 series Ex Submersible pressure transmitter features thick-film-on-ceramic sensor technology.

Trafag 8235 series flush diaphragm pressure transmitter

18 December, 2013

The Trafag 8235 series flush diaphragm pressure transmitter is a 'smooth-face' flush diaphragm industrial pressure transmitter with thin-film-on-steel sensor technology.

Trafag 8473 series frontal diaphragm pressure transmitter

17 December, 2013

The Trafag 8473 series frontal diaphragm pressure transmitter is an industrial-quality pressure transmitter that features thick-film-on-ceramic sensor technology.

H2O Optima solar water purification unit

14 November, 2013

The H2O Optima solar-powered water purification unit provides treatment and purification to potable water for human consumption, emergency or agricultural use.

Local water utility recycling water in the basement of a residential building

05 November, 2013

Central Park Water in Sydney is the dedicated water utility for the $2 billion urban village, servicing approximately 5000 residents and 15,000+ workers and visitors daily.

Water Equipment Plus UF-Plus membrane water filtration units

23 September, 2013

The UF-Plus range of automated ultrafiltration units provides small-scale water treatment capabilities for several applications. The four model choices have capabilities as single, dual, triple or quadruple automated membrane solutions.

Microalgae and bacteria team up against arsenic-poisoned water

17 September, 2013

Australian scientists have developed a new type of water filter that combines microalgae with bacteria taken from soil contaminated with heavy metals. The technology could prove an effective, cheap and safe way to clean up the potentially deadly arsenic that pollutes the drinking water of tens of millions of people around the world.

Siemens marks a century of chlorinated water disinfection

10 September, 2013

The first commercially produced gas chlorinator was installed in a public drinking water system in 1913, revolutionising the way the world fought water-borne diseases. The technology was installed by Wallace & Tiernan - now a company of Siemens Water Technologies, which is celebrating the product’s 100th anniversary.

Exair CE-compliant Chip Trapper

07 August, 2013

Independent laboratory tests now certify that Exair’s Chip Trapper meets the rigorous safety, health and environmental standards of the European Union that are required to attain the CE mark. The product offers a fast, easy way to clean large coolant sumps.

Pumping system reduces energy use at Sardinian sewage treatment plant

05 August, 2013

Global water technology company Xylem has announced that its Flygt Experior system has reduced energy consumption and operating costs at a municipal water treatment plant in Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia, by 35%.

Removing iron and manganese from water supplies

02 August, 2013

In the early days of water treatment, naturally occurring zeolites (glauconite greensand) were used to soften and remove the iron and manganese from water. The greensand media was not ideal as it was a slow process which required periodic regeneration with potassium permanganate. Also, it couldn’t be used in lower pH waters and had relatively low operating temperatures. Therefore, in the 70s, scientists and researchers in Japan began to look for ways to apply oxidising technology to a silica-sand substrate and came up with the Quantum DMI-65 media.

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