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Wetland sends phosphorous levels south

25 March, 2019

Water monitoring in the Cox Creek Catchment in the Adelaide Hills has revealed up to an 80% reduction in phosphorous levels over the last decade.

What's amiss with drinking treated sewage?

21 March, 2019 by Andrew Miley*

In 2006 Toowoomba voted against a wastewater-recycling scheme that would have supplied their homes with drinking water sourced from treated, recycled wastewater.

Infinite Water Hydroxon water treatment technology

13 February, 2019

Infinite Water has announced third-party validation and endorsement of its Hydroxon technology for the treatment of drinking water to World Health Organization (WHO) and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) standards.

Australian tech decontaminating groundwater in Bangladesh

17 December, 2018

Infinite Water used its innovative HYDROXON technology to design a custom water treatment plant to remove high levels of naturally occurring arsenic and manganese.

Water purification with a graphene oxide membrane

06 December, 2018

Engineers have created technology that can purify contaminated water, making it fit for consumption faster and more energy efficiently than ever before.

Liquid waste management at Williamtown

01 November, 2018

In sensitive environments, it is critical for a builder to ensure that there is no risk of construction chemicals from finishing trades leaching into the ground or surrounding waterways.

New nanofilter rapidly cleans dirty water

24 September, 2018

Researchers have designed a nanofilter that can clean dirty water over 100 times faster than current technology, filtering both heavy metals and oils at an impressive speed.

Defender Ultra Fine Filter has been Climate Care Certified

01 September, 2018

The Defender media filter significantly eliminates the amount of backwash water associated with sand filter operation.

Solving phosphorus removal challenges with magnetite ballasted technology at Billerica Wastewater Treatment Facility, MA, USA

01 June, 2018

This article explains how magnetite ballasted technology came to be selected for use at the Town of Billerica's wastewater treatment facility.

Water filtration with a 'molecular sieve'

21 May, 2018

Scientists have used cutting-edge nanomaterials to create a chemical filter capable of industrial-grade water purification.

Veolia to deliver water treatment plant at WA lithium mine

06 April, 2018

Veolia technologies used at the water treatment plant will allow output at the mine to be doubled, satisfying all environmental requirements regarding discharge water.

Chlorine reduction in water using UV

27 March, 2018

In recent times, UV treatment systems have become a popular option for free chlorine removal.

Rocla First Defense High Capacity (HC) separator

21 March, 2018

Rocla has introduced the First Defense High Capacity (HC) separator for effective stormwater treatment. The TSS capture device has been designed with flexibility in mind and to maximise available site space without compromising the treatment level.

Fonterra manufacturing site to reduce water use by 70%

19 March, 2018

Dairy company Fonterra is investing in an advanced plant that is set to reduce the amount of groundwater extracted for its Darfield manufacturing site by around 70%.

Graphene membrane enables single-step water purification

19 February, 2018

CSIRO scientists have created a graphene film with microscopic nanochannels that let water pass through, but stop pollutants.

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