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SA Water Murraylands upgrade reaches milestone

04 September, 2023

SA Water's suite of upgrades to augment water across the Murraylands has achieved a milestone, with over half of the new water main now in the ground.

Dumping mining waste for a good cause

01 August, 2023

Flinders University has started a new initiative focused on improving both mine site closures and mining's impact on the landscape.

Greater Southern Sydney to receive major water upgrade

22 May, 2023

Sydney Water has commenced work on a major $80 million upgrade to its Nepean Water Filtration Plant south of Sydney.

Sydney Water's "game changing" facility almost complete

08 March, 2023

Sydney Water has announced that its $4.3 million Leura Water Pumping Station (WPS) servicing the Blue Mountains is weeks away from completion.

Magnetic method to clean PFAS-contaminated water

01 February, 2023

The technique is faster, cheaper and cleaner than existing methods, as it does not require electricity and can be reused up to 10 times.

Using AI to improve water filtration

27 January, 2023

Researchers from ACS Central Science report that AI could speed up the development of materials that can be used to improve water filter systems.

Closing the gap: WSAA water services report

28 November, 2022

The WSAA has released its full report titled 'Closing the Water for People and Communities Gap: Improving water services to First Nations remote communities'.

EPOC Enviro SAFF PFAS remediation technology

01 June, 2022

The water remediation system is able to remove long- and most short-chain PFAS molecules using a stream of rising air bubbles.

Self-sustained reservoir uses Westwater electro chlorinator

07 April, 2022

Logan Water's Round Mountain Reservoir in New Beith in Queensland is the site of a project with a state-of-the-art philosophy towards powering water treatment plants.

Envirosuite reveals global EVS Water partnerships with GHD

26 November, 2021

Envirosuite has entered into an agreement with GHD, which will support the scaled implementation of EVS Water for major water treatment facilities.

Standalone water treatment system inspired by nature

16 September, 2021

The sustainable, standalone water treatment system removes persistent organic pollutants from industrial wastewater.

One-step water purification and desalination

22 June, 2021

New, high-performance adsorptive membranes enable one-step desalination and purification of complex water sources with the added bonus of being able to target and recover potentially valuable ions, researchers report.

Maxwells H2O Services joins HydroChem

06 May, 2021

HydroChem has announced the acquisition of Cairns-based water treatment company Maxwells H2O Services, a specialist in commercial and industrial water treatment.

Leveraging the cloud for better design of water and wastewater treatment plants

14 April, 2021 by Chaim Kolominskas, Global Head, Water and Waste, Envirosuite and Darren Szczepanski, Product Manager, Smart Water, Envirosuite

Cloud-based products have the potential to deliver significant innovations to treatment plant design packages.

The power of mushrooms to create healthier waterways

13 April, 2021

A silent experiment is underway in Melbourne to create healthier, cleaner waterways using 'mushi' organic floating wetlands as an alternative to plastic ones.

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