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Cutters for waste handling system

19 June, 2006

Eximo Cutters have been designed to work with all Eximo ducting systems for print and paper industry waste (paper and cardboard), plastic and films, at high flow rates.

Mobile shredding

19 June, 2006

IT's Green and Evans Engineering have developed several mobile shredding applications.

Bulk storage bin and transport container

17 May, 2006

The KitBin is a bulk storage and transport 'knock-down' container with removable sides that pack inside a built KitBin for storage and efficiency during transport when the bins are returned empty to the source (suppliers' or growers' facilities).

Dust and waste extraction

21 March, 2006

The Ace-Quattro vibration and acoustics analyser from Data Physics is portable and is claimed to provide 40 times faster data and signal transfers as well as provide nanometer displacement measurements.

Vector drives

21 March, 2006

The Synplus SPL200 and SPL400 series of sensorless vector drives complement the VVVF drives range designed to enhance process control and facilitate the ongoing introduction of mechatronic drives technology.

Washdown motor

21 March, 2006

The washdown motor range is based on AC servomotors from the Mavilor BL series of synchronous electric motors.

Jet sensors help sort waste

15 March, 2006

Advanced sensors originally designed for fast jet aircraft and battle tanks have been used to develop a new machine that can automatically identify and sort recyclable domestic waste.

Disposing of FOD at airports

03 March, 2006

Reynolds Engineering Services has designed a FOD (foreign objects and debris) station to address problems associated with the existing FOD/waste collection points on airport aprons

Manual dumping station

22 February, 2006

A Manual Dumping Station with integral flexible screw conveyor collects dust created during manual dumping of powder and bulk solid materials from bags, boxes, drums and other containers.

Mobile waste baler

19 December, 2005

Developed by Rowland & Associates, for baling of municipal waste, the fully auto-tie Godswill mobile baler system can be placed in line with a mobile waste shredder, ripper or bag opener, optical sort systems or other mechanical sort systems, mobile in-feed conveyors and auto-bale wrappers.

Drive mounting system

19 December, 2005

The TorqLOC keyless hollow shaft drive mounting system was originally available for gear sizes of 37 to 97, the range now accommodates parallel shaft helical and helical-bevel gear sizes up to 107. This allows the mounting system to be used for applications with output torque requirements of up to 8000 Nm - nearly double the driving torque supported by the original range.

MicroLogix 1100 microcontroller

19 December, 2005

The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 controller is a microcontroller complete with online editing functionality. The controller allows program modifications without interrupting operation.

Solids handling pump

28 November, 2005

Sykes' Olympic Pump Range not only pumps dirty water, but also performs the duty with fuel reduction in mind. The impeller, wear plate and volute have all been redesigned to give efficiency levels of 83%. Fuel is minimised through the pumps' ability to reduce engine/motor kW/hp size while still achieving maximum performance. The range of pumps is available with the Sykes Compressor Prime or 60 cfm Vacuum Prime, and sizes range from 80 (3") to 300 mm (12"). Sykes' Olympic 150 mm (6") pump can save up to 340 L of fuel per week.

Portable bin lifter

25 October, 2005

The easily operated Bin-Go is a hydraulic portable wheelie bin lifter which has been designed to assist the unloading of wheelie bins into large skips with minimal effort.

Bin cap

26 September, 2005

The Hi-Topp Bin Caps are designed for high visibility and recognition to encourage source separation and recycling. The built-in coupling system allows for event-specific collection stations to be formed. With large openings on both sides the caps allow for better traffic flow and visibility.

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