Re-dressed for success

25 September, 2018

The circular economy is more fashionable than you think.

A 're-usable society' is just as important as a recycling one

21 September, 2018 by David Singh* | Supplied by: Re.Group Pty Ltd

The community needs to understand how the recycling sector operates and the challenges it faces to ensure its long-term survival.

Fujitsu Smart eWaste bin

21 September, 2018 | Supplied by: Fujitsu Australia

Fujitsu's Smart eWaste bin sits in an organisation's office and is equipped with IoT sensors that monitor the fill levels. When the bin is full, Fujitsu's recycling partner arrives on-site to swap out an inner bin and is gone again in moments.

Solving the waste management conundrum

18 September, 2018 by Steve Nicholson* | Supplied by: Solaris Paper Pty Ltd

Solving the waste problem in Australia involves addressing two concerns: what should people do with all their waste and how do organisations create products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable?

A smart sustainable way to clean up dump sites

17 September, 2018 by Alison Price | Supplied by: SoilCyclers

It's estimated there could be thousands of illegal dump sites across the country that are potential health and environmental hazards.

Demystifying pyrolysis and gasification of waste tyres

14 September, 2018 | Supplied by: Tyrestewardship

Pyrolysis and gasification are being touted as perfect circular economy solutions to the challenge of recycling.

Leachate — what is it and why is it a problem?

13 September, 2018 | Supplied by: Hydroflux Industrial Pty Ltd

When you hear the word leachate, what comes to mind?

Polystar plastic film recycling machines

12 September, 2018 | Supplied by: Applied Machinery Australia Pty Ltd

Polystar offers a range of one-step machines that are designed for the reprocessing of polyethylene and polypropylene flexible packaging material, making it suitable for companies looking to recycle plastic film waste.

Willoughby City Council goes single-use plastic free

07 September, 2018

Willoughby City Council has passed a motion to remove single-use plastics from all council operations.

Consortium to create new products from agricultural waste

29 August, 2018

The Agricultural Product Development Research Consortium will bring together a total of 18 partners to develop high-value products from agricultural waste.

100,000 contact lenses recycled in one year

23 August, 2018 | Supplied by: TerraCycle

The Bausch + Lomb Recycling Programme, launched in 2017 to help keep contact lenses, lens cases and blister packs out of landfill, has successfully recycled over 100,000 pieces of lens waste.

Speakers announced for Waste Expo Australia 2018

21 August, 2018

More than 55 industry speakers have been confirmed for Waste Expo Australia's three conferences — Waste Summit, Waste Evolution and Wastewater Summit.

Used coffee grounds could be turned into coffee cups

21 August, 2018

A PhD student has developed a method to turn coffee grounds into lactic acid, which can then be used to produce biodegradable plastics for use in disposable coffee cups.

Your old jeans could be turned into artificial cartilage

10 August, 2018

Old denim jeans are set to find new life as artificial cartilage for joint reconstruction, thanks to advanced textile recycling methods being pioneered at Deakin University.

Road built out of plastic bags, glass and printer cartridges

03 August, 2018

Integrated services company Downer partnered with Close the Loop to innovatively tailor waste products such as soft plastics to suit a road construction application.

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