Wood chemistry turns nut shells into sunscreen

19 August, 2019

A team of international scientists has found an eco-friendly way to produce potential sunscreens from cashew nut shells.

From lithium waste to cathode feedstock

14 August, 2019

Lithium Australia has developed a technique to produce refined lithium phosphate using spent Li-ion batteries as a feed material.

More recycling = more travelling in Rome

08 August, 2019

The city of Rome is fighting plastic waste by awarding metro credit to commuters who recycle their PET bottles.

International expert joins Australia's fight against food waste

07 August, 2019

Sustainable food systems expert Mark Barthel has been called upon to help Australia address the $20 billion of food wasted every year.

City combats waste crisis with fast-track strategy

05 August, 2019

The City of Melbourne will fast-track elements of its Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy to address the state's recycling crisis.

VWMA urges recycling despite state recycling crisis

29 July, 2019

The Victorian Waste Management Association is urging Victorians to keep recycling despite interruption to the state's waste and recycling network.

NZ researchers turn chicken feathers into fire retardant

25 July, 2019

Research from The University of Auckland has discovered that chicken feathers can be used as a base for a fire retardant.

West Melbourne welcomes paper sorting facility

19 July, 2019

A $2.5 million paper sorting facility has opened in Truganina, West Melbourne, to process 39,000 tonnes of recycled paper a year.

High-spec fuel from waste using mobile shredder

18 July, 2019 | Supplied by: FOCUS enviro

Knox Recycling has installed an Austrian-made 37-tonne mobile machine configured by FOCUS Enviro to process commercial, industrial and wood waste into PEF.

WA group seeks landfill alternatives

16 July, 2019

South West Regional Waste Group has called on the commercial waste management sector to submit proposals on strategies and technologies that will divert the region's waste from landfill.

RPC bpi nordipac NOREC closed chemical recycling process

16 July, 2019 | Supplied by: Synergy Packaging Pty Ltd

The NOREC recycling process is taking steps to produce environmentally friendly packaging by converting plastic materials into re-usable bags.

WSROC calls for urgent state action on waste

11 July, 2019

Western Sydney has seen unprecedented growth, yet councils in the area are not seeing waste management infrastructure put in place to accommodate the increase.

NZ biorefinery turns e‑waste into valuable metal

08 July, 2019

Mint Innovation has constructed a working biorefinery to demonstrate technology that can recover valuable metals from e-waste.

Is our recycling heading to Indonesia?

08 July, 2019

ACOR has confirmed that the Indonesia-bound shipping container at the centre of recent media reports was sent by an Australian recycling company.

Concrete evidence that glass can replace sand

11 June, 2019

Researchers from the Deakin School of Engineering have discovered that recycled or waste glass can substitute sand when making polymer concrete.

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