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Total microbe test kit for water

22 September, 2006

Melaklean has released a multipurpose microbial test kit which can be used to determine the quality of drinking water, wastewater, cooling-tower water and recycled water. The kit is easy to use and provides test results in 24 hours. The test kit is suitable for aerobic bacteria and can show presence of Coliform, E.coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Campylobacter, Listeria, Legionella and other species.

Photometer for water analysis

22 September, 2006

Photometer 7500 is a portable photometer for water analysis. It replaces the 7000, which is used in the water utility industry and in industrial pollution monitoring.

Ceramic data logger

21 August, 2006

The Cera-Diver data logger can monitor groundwater under potentially corrosive conditions, as brackish water and seawater. It is constructed from ceramic and is designed specifically for such environments.

Ammonia analyser

21 July, 2006

The Teledyne API M201E extractive gas analyser is capable of measuring NH3 in selectable ranges 0-50 to 0-2000 ppb using the chemiluminescence principle and a specifically designed external ammonia converter.

Water analysers

21 July, 2006

Combining three testers into one, the Testr 11 waterproof pocket testers are used for conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and salinity measurements. In addition to original features, the series measures a wider range of media.

Field spectrophotometer

19 June, 2006

The PG Instruments T100 portable field spectrometer is designed to take laboratory performance analyses into the field, while retaining the full capability for data storage and retrieval.

Coriolis flowmeters

19 June, 2006

The smart safety instrumented system (SIS) from Emerson Process Management has been enhanced with TÜV certification of the Micro Motion SIS Coriolis meters. This certification allows users to boost plant availability by using the Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density measurement technology in safety instrumented systems in up to SIL-3 loops, per IEC 61508.

Water quality testing

17 May, 2006

The Photometer 8000 is designed using the latest electronic and optical technologies. It is a direct reading colorimeter which covers a full range of tests for clean and wastewater using tablet reagents and Tubetests. Applications include effluent, drinking water, cooling towers and boiler plant testing.

Wet/wet differential pressure transmitter

18 April, 2006

The Series 631 wet/wet differential pressure transmitter is claimed to reduce cost by eliminating parts by combining a differential pressure gauge with a transmitter.

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

18 April, 2006

The PG Instruments range of atomic absorption spectrophotometers includes the PGI 990 which is capable of flame only, graphite furnace only or combined modes, with automatic interchange between modes. Also automatically driven are the eight-lamp turret, burner height, gas flow rate adjustment, beam splitter positioning and switchover of spectral bandwidth (five choices).

Water quality calculator available online

22 March, 2006

With a new Water Quality Calculator now available on the internet, managing irrigation water quality to sustain crop production and deliver positive environmental outcomes is in sight.

pH meter

22 February, 2006

The Shindengen KS723 non-glass pH meter is a robust pocket-sized meter based on ISFET semiconductor technology. The meter is suitable for both laboratory and field use as it does not use a glass electrode. It is also suitable for the food industry and applications where traditional glass electrodes are not suitable.

Campbell Scientific CR1000 data loggers

22 February, 2006

The CR1000 measurement and control module replaces the CR10 series data logger and is suitable for long-term, remote deployment under a wide range of applications and industries, including the environmental, hydrological, mining and geotechnical sectors.

General-purpose pH sensor

27 January, 2006

The Barben Analyser Technology (BAT) general-purpose pH sensor is suitable for water, wastewater, cooling towers, boiler feed, and other utility applications where no significant hydrocarbons are present.

Microbe DIY test kit

20 December, 2005

The Melaklean Cleaner Air Products microbial test DIY kit can be used on process water, drinking water, waste water or recycled water, and gives an answer in 24 hours.

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