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Campbell Scientific PVS4150C portable water sampler

18 January, 2012

The PVS4150C portable water sampler can be used for stormwater, wastewater or other water-quality applications.

Campbell Scientific acquires Sirco water-sampling systems range

18 January, 2012

Campbell Scientific has acquired the Sirco range of water-sampling systems that can be used to monitor water quality, including stormwater, wastewater, groundwater sampling and other water-quality monitoring applications.

Campbell Scientific portable automatic water samplers

16 January, 2012

Campbell Scientific offers both portable and stationary automatic water samplers for stormwater, wastewater or other water-quality applications. These samplers use external vacuum pumps to draw water through intake tubing, instead of the traditional peristaltic pumps that induce flow by squeezing flexible tubing.

Rapid pesticide detection tool for cleaner water

12 January, 2012

A rapid screening tool developed by an RMIT University doctoral researcher could enable the instant detection of pesticide residues in Australia’s water catchments.

Li-Cor LI-820 CO2 Gas Analyser

23 November, 2011 by

The Li-Cor LI-820 single-path, dual-wavelength, non-dispersive infrared CO2 Gas Analyser is used for continuous monitoring of CO2 in a range of environmental conditions including ocean science, plant science, geological monitoring and greenhouse control systems.

Campbell Scientific OBS500 submersible turbidity probe

19 October, 2011 by

The OBS500 submersible turbidity probe with active antifouling capabilities is suitable for improved measurements in biologically active water with both high and low turbidity.

Run-off monitoring on sugar cane farms

01 October, 2011

In December 2009, the Herbert Demonstration farm site was established in the Trebonne area on Orazio and Anthony Marino’s farm. The project is supported by the Queensland Government’s Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), Terrain Natural Resource Management (NRM), BSES and JCU staff. Combining environmental sustainability and profitable farming as the key drivers, this is a collaborative effort between growers, government, research and industry bodies and is part of the Queensland and Australian Government’s Reef Plan to improve water quality entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. There are demonstration farm sites also located in the Burdekin and Tully areas.

Novasys Sorbisense System passive samplers and mounting devices

12 September, 2011

The Sorbisense System is a combination of passive samplers, SorbiCells and mounting devices for monitoring nutrients and xenobiotics in the aquatic environment as an alternative or supplementary to traditional grab sampling. This is especially advantageous if concentrations vary substantially with time, which makes it difficult to collect representative grab samples.

Hach HQd IntelliCal probes

01 August, 2011 by

Hach Company has introduced four IntelliCal probes to its electrochemistry portfolio. The new parameters within the HQd family include ammonium, chloride, fluoride and nitrate.

Hydrosense II handheld display and soil moisture sensor

26 July, 2011 by

The Hydrosense II compact measurement system has a handheld display and soil moisture sensor and allows precise, three-dimensional representation of playing fields. It features an easy-insertion soil probe and a clear, large LCD with button layout that allows one-handed operation in the field.

HOBO U12 Deep Ocean Temp Logger

29 June, 2011 by

The HOBO U12 Deep Ocean Temp Logger tracks ocean temperatures at extreme depths.

Dwyer series ULF ultrasonic level transmitter

29 June, 2011 by

The series ULF ultrasonic level transmitter for fluids is an ultrasonic continuous flow measurement transmitter which is suitable for maintenance-free, non-contact measurement of open channels. The series operates on ultrasonic technology and offers dependable, accurate measurements.

Schlumberger CTD-Diver groundwater quality monitor

29 June, 2011 by

Frequent monitoring of soil and groundwater quality is traditionally a labour-intensive job. This is also the case if saltwater intrusion or pollution at remediation sites needs to be monitored. The CTD-Diver from Schlumberger is a fully stand-alone data logger with built-in memory, battery and sensors. It is used for reliability and longevity in groundwater quality monitoring.

Onset Hobo U24-002 Conductivity/Salinity data logger

27 April, 2011 by

Onset Computer Corporation has expanded its line of conductivity data loggers with the Hobo U24-002 Conductivity/Salinity data logger.

Sitron CF series thermal flow switches

27 April, 2011 by

The Sitron CF series of thermal flow switches is suitable for flow and low flow detection of liquids or gases in pipes or ducts.

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