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Activated sludge respirometer

19 December, 2005

The latest version of the Strathkelvin Strathtox respirometer can tell users quickly, simply and clearly when the bacteria should be fed less, aerated less and loaded more in an activated sludge or IDEA treatment plant. This is done by measuring their actual respiration rate.

Sludge and viscous products heat exchanger

28 November, 2005

Teralba has expanded its range of Dimpleflo Monotube Heat Exchangers to include an (8") 200 mm inner tube.

Level limit detection in bulk solids

25 October, 2005

The storage and handling of bulk materials such as grain, flour and plastic pellets can be a high-risk activity and demands accurate and reliability level limit detection. A poorly designed high level limit switch may cause an overflow or a spill leading to wastage with an adverse financial and environmental impact. On the other hand, unreliable low-level measurements may cause inventory problems that negative affect a company's bottom line.

Backflow prevention

26 September, 2005

The RP03 and DC03 series of backflow preventers ensure contaminated water cannot flow back into the public mains supply. Using the RPZ (reduced pressure zone) principle featured in Tyco's existing products and with thorough product redesign has further simplified inline service and minimises spares holding requirements.

Fault-finding modules

26 July, 2005

Two new modules extend the Allen-Bradley Entek XM series of distributed protection and monitoring tools.

Getting your float circuit layout right

03 July, 2005

After confirming that the instruments and valves are working correctly, you conclude that the float circuit can only handle 80% of the design flow. Clearly a potential disaster. However, all is not lost

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