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Heat exchangers for energy recovery

28 July, 2009

In the face of ever-increasing energy costs, many Australian and New Zealand manufacturers and service providers are using the Dimpleflo Modular Heat Exchangers to recover energy from any warm or hot product or effluent.

Wastewater treatment in Melbourne

28 July, 2009

Enough sewage to fill 16 Olympic-sized swimming pools is processed each day by Yarra Valley Water treatment plants dotted around Melbourne. And because reliability is everything when it comes to sewage, it seems strange at first that many of the 17 Hurll Nu-Way Aerzen blowers at the front line of treatment are at least 10 years old, with some nearing 30 years of service.

Flowmeter for the water industry

28 May, 2009 by

The Water Master flowmeters are specifically designed for the water, wastewater and sewage markets. The range is available in the most commonly installed flowmeter sizes: 40-300 mm.

Heat exchanger

07 April, 2009 by

The Casella 12 m Dimpleflo heat exchanger is a cost-effective solution for applications with limited space requirements. The units are built with 12 m long tubing, therefore fewer bends are needed, resulting in a 30% beneficial saving. Increased performance due to its length and configuration has also provided benefits.

22 Module Dimpleflo Modubloc heat exchanger

02 April, 2009

The 22 Module Dimpleflo Modubloc heat exchanger with 150 mm flowpath is suitable for use in a large winery. The design provides increased energy efficiencies, with higher heat transfer coefficients and lower pressure drops on the product side, all within a more compact footprint.

Plastic ball check valves

24 November, 2008

The Series BCV are economical, thermoplastic ball check valves suitable for chemical and wastewater applications.

100 toilets in Brisbane CBD

20 November, 2008

While we laugh at the adventures of Kenny’s World exploring toilets, there are 2.6 billion people, or 40% of the global population, who don’t have any access to safe sanitation. The deaths of 75,000 children could be prevented this year in South-East Asia and the Pacific with access to basic sanitation.

Wastewater analyser

22 September, 2008

Endress+Hauser has launched an inline analyser for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The STIP-scan device reduces costly sampling and maintenance procedures by operating directly in the process.

NSW industrial gear-unit service facility expanded

19 September, 2008

In support of Australia's demanding water/wastewater sector, drives solutions group SEW-Eurodrive has expanded its NSW industrial gear-unit service facility.

Self-primer pump

22 May, 2008

The Weir Self-Primer (WSP) is a rugged, dependable self-priming end suction centrifugal pump. The pump is suitable for a range of solids-handling jobs where a self-priming application is required. It is available in a 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10" suction/discharge.

Metering pump with automatic vent

22 May, 2008

Gas-emitting media in metering applications can often reduce pump output or even prevent the pumped medium from being delivered. To avoid this situation, the pumps generally need to be bled manually in such applications. This procedure can be performed simply, conveniently and safely by the delta diaphragm metering pump with the new venting module.

Backflow prevention device

23 January, 2008

The Watts Water Technologies range of backflow prevention devices stops the reverse flow of contaminated water in piping systems from entering the potable water supply.

Radical approach benefits slime control technology

22 November, 2007

Two Australian research centres are joining their forces in a radical approach to biofilm control.

Membrane filtration for wastewater

22 October, 2007

Sumitomo has released a range of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membranes designed for water microfiltration and sewage treatment. The MBR (membrane bioreactor) module is suitable for water purification applications such as recycling water for farming and gardening, recycled drinking water, sewage wastewater treatment and recycled industrial water.

Electric actuator for quarter turn valves

20 October, 2006

The Biffi F02 is a compact, intelligent, electric actuator which incorporates all the advanced variables needed to provide effective control in large and complex plants.

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