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KSB Amamix and Amaprop mixers

24 September, 2010 by

The direct-drive Amamix series mixer range now comes with higher efficiency, greater achieved flows and increased thrust. The range features an ever clean blade (ECB) propeller design which offers varying pitches and sizes to 630 mm diameter. It also has the added advantage of a reduced diameter hub, tapered seal chamber and three-fold dynamic sealing, including lip seal protection and dual silicon carbide mechanical seals. All these features combined reduce the likelihood of propeller ‘ragging’ and/or mechanical seal failure.

Copa SAF wastewater system

20 August, 2010 by

The Copa submerged aerated filter (SAF) wastewater system is designed for the ‘packaged sewerage treatment’ market. It has been modified by EWT to suit Australian requirements.

Pumping station equipped with wastewater pumps

02 August, 2010

At the beginning of 2010, KSB received the order to equip La Caldera pumping station in Mexico City with 24 large wastewater pumps. Each of the submersible motor pumps type Amarex KRT K 700-900 weighs around 10,500 kg and has an output of approximately 2000 L/s.

Drinks manufacturer screens out wasteful wastewater treatment

02 August, 2010

A compact vertical screen has been installed by energy drinks manufacturer Frucor to remove the solid debris from factory wastewater before its discharge into the sewer.

Oil-free air supply for recycled water project

30 July, 2010 by

The Glenelg to Adelaide Park Lands Recycled Water project is designed to provide a replacement for billions of litres of drinking water previously used for irrigation and significantly reduce treated wastewater levels in the Gulf St Vincent.

Wastewater treatment

26 March, 2010

Anaerobic digestion plants and sewage treatment plants can lower maintenance costs by screening sludge at the primary or secondary stage of treatment.

Rotork IB Bevel and IS Spur gearboxes

23 March, 2010 by

The IB Bevel and IS Spur gearboxes are now available to suit aggressive environment service including: buried, submersible, marinised and raw sewage duty. To achieve these ratings, the specifications include: stainless steel fasteners, stainless steel input shaft, two-pack polyamide epoxy surface coatings and an IP68 enclosure rating.

Teralba Mixquip heavy-duty mixers

23 March, 2010 by

Teralba Industries designs and manufactures the Mixquip range of agitators and mixers. It has now developed models for a larger range of tanks and vessels.

Dimpleflo Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

23 March, 2010 by

The Dimpleflo Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are now produced in a larger range. This includes heat exchangers with a shell diameter of 2 m and length of 15 m. The picture shows a recently completed Dimpleflo Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with 400 x 50 mmø dimpled high-efficiency 316 stainless steel heat transfer tubes, housed in a 1500 mmø 304 stainless steel shell.

KSB to build a new water and wastewater competence centre in Brisbane

19 February, 2010

KSB Australia has finalised its plan to build a new water and wastewater competence centre and a sales and warehouse complex in Brisbane.

Pumps for effluent treatment plants

18 January, 2010

In August this year, the KSB Group signed a framework agreement covering the supply of pumps and mixers for 52 municipal effluent treatment plants in China. The order is for a total of 335 mixers and 466 wastewater pumps of different types and sizes.

Turck PT4500 and PT4510 submersible pressure transmitters

14 January, 2010 by

Turck’s PT4500 and PT4510 submersible pressure transmitters are optimised for detecting the level of water or other media with similar density in challenging industrial environments - including in wastewater and irrigation systems, as well as tanks containing liquids such as gas and diesel.

ItN Nanovation CFM Systems for biological wastewater purification

14 January, 2010 by

CFM Systems is a ceramic flat membrane system for biological wastewater purification. Suitable for submerged filtration processes, the ItN Nanovation product is now being introduced to the New Zealand water and wastewater industry. It should be available early 2010 for demonstrations and pilot trials.

Capital Controls Series 70CV3000 Chloromatic Gas Flow Control Valve

14 January, 2010 by

The Capital Controls Series 70CV3000 Chloromatic Intelligent Gas Flow Control Valve is a wall-mounted system designed to control chemical feed in water or wastewater applications.

Software improves processes and data quality

12 November, 2009

MidCoast Water (MCW) delivers water and sewage services to the Manning and Great Lakes communities of New South Wales, supplying 11 billion L of water per year to 35,000 households spread over 7000 km2.

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