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NSW industrial gear-unit service facility expanded

19 September, 2008

In support of Australia's demanding water/wastewater sector, drives solutions group SEW-Eurodrive has expanded its NSW industrial gear-unit service facility.

Self-primer pump

22 May, 2008

The Weir Self-Primer (WSP) is a rugged, dependable self-priming end suction centrifugal pump. The pump is suitable for a range of solids-handling jobs where a self-priming application is required. It is available in a 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10" suction/discharge.

Metering pump with automatic vent

22 May, 2008

Gas-emitting media in metering applications can often reduce pump output or even prevent the pumped medium from being delivered. To avoid this situation, the pumps generally need to be bled manually in such applications. This procedure can be performed simply, conveniently and safely by the delta diaphragm metering pump with the new venting module.

Backflow prevention device

23 January, 2008

The Watts Water Technologies range of backflow prevention devices stops the reverse flow of contaminated water in piping systems from entering the potable water supply.

Radical approach benefits slime control technology

22 November, 2007

Two Australian research centres are joining their forces in a radical approach to biofilm control.

Membrane filtration for wastewater

22 October, 2007

Sumitomo has released a range of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membranes designed for water microfiltration and sewage treatment. The MBR (membrane bioreactor) module is suitable for water purification applications such as recycling water for farming and gardening, recycled drinking water, sewage wastewater treatment and recycled industrial water.

Electric actuator for quarter turn valves

20 October, 2006

The Biffi F02 is a compact, intelligent, electric actuator which incorporates all the advanced variables needed to provide effective control in large and complex plants.

3D modelling tool for wastewater plant

22 September, 2006

Optioneer is a 3D modelling software tool that allows users to 'virtually' design, configure and automatically cost multiple options for a water or wastewater treatment plant at the concept design phase. It can produce process flow diagrams (PFDs) on screen using template icons for more than 100 pieces of plant and equipment. Smart data associated with the PFD icons automatically convey dimensions and shape to the 3D images, and each piece of equipment can be 'dragged' and located into the 3D environment. The process of cutting 3D shapes and sizes into the 3D topography is automatic, as is the calculation of cut and fill volumes for preliminary construction and final trim earthworks surfaces.

Global restructure for GL&V

14 September, 2006

Liquid/solid separation technology specialist GL&V has restructured it’s worldwide business groups to align its operations more closely with target market segments.

Wastewater pumps

17 May, 2006

The submersible wastewater pumps range of Danish-built PXPumps has a design which is centred around minimising life cycle costs (LCCs). This is achieved by improved hydraulic and electrical efficiencies.

Jet device to eliminate manual sludge cleaning

12 May, 2006

Cleaning the inside of giant storage tanks at refineries and bulk chemical storage facilities is set to get a whole lot easier, safer and cheaper, with the development of an innovative jet cleaning device.

Submersible pressure transmitter

21 March, 2006

The AquiStar PT2X submersible pressure transmitter represents the latest in state-of-the-art level measurement technology. Building on years of successful experience, this industry standard digital RS485 interface device offers great noise immunity, thermal performance and transient protection.

240 volt single phase mixquip rummager

22 February, 2006

Mixquip, the division of Teralba Industries that designs, manufactures and imports liquid mixing equipment, has expanded their range of portable Side Entry Agitators with the release of the new 240 Volt Single phase 'RUMMAGER'.

Gate required to divert sewage

03 January, 2006

Lower Murray Water (LMW) in Mildura required a gate to divert sewage flows to catchment ponds. Darren Bennett from LMW was concerned with the traditional square bottom penstocks that had previously been used to control water flows

Mixing solution

19 December, 2005

Pulsair is a technology that delivers an efficient, cost-effective, low-shear method of mixing. The system injects a powerful pulse of compressed air (or gas) into the vessel in a way that creates a vertical circular mixing motion and the contents of the tank are quickly blended into a uniform mix. The mixture can be held in suspension with sequentially-timed pulses that require little expense of energy.

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