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How irrigators increase water security

09 August, 2016

Over the past five years, Waterfind has identified a shift in the way that irrigators manage their water assets through the trade of permanent and temporary water.

What do you know about your water supply?

21 July, 2016

The Australian Water Association and Arup have launched the Australian Water Survey to investigate and compare attitudes to water use and security among water industry professionals and the Australian community.

Water scarcity a key focus of upcoming conference

13 July, 2016

As part of the World Water Congress & Exhibition, the IWA and the Australian Water Partnership will convene government and business leaders, NGOs, scientists and international organisations to the global Water Scarcity and Drought Summit.

Leak detection — a dam good idea

16 June, 2016 by Andrew Spence

Preventing liquid wastes polluting the surrounding area is one of the environmental concerns facing the mining industry. Now, a South Australian company has developed a device for detecting leaks in holding ponds that may help with this concern. The device could also have applications for holding ponds in the wastewater, agriculture and wine industries.

WaterGroup Water Management Service

01 June, 2016

WaterGroup's Water Management Service is suitable for people who want to save water but don't have the time. The service comprises submetering and smart metering, water management and active follow-up on leaks and abnormal consumption.

How sustainable are the world's urban water cities?

19 May, 2016

Sydney and Melbourne have been declared the eighth and 11th most sustainable urban water cities in the world, according to the Sustainable Cities Water Index.

ISO calls for better water for better jobs

29 March, 2016

As part of World Water Day on 22 March, ISO called for an improvement in water quality in order to protect the 1.5 billion people employed in water-related sectors.

Irrigation Australia early-bird rates closing soon

24 March, 2016

With a growing list of speakers, a large display of products and an early-bird discount in place until 1 April, there are plenty of reasons for irrigation professionals to register for the 2016 Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition.

Environmental protection — a luxury most nations cannot afford

10 March, 2016 by Adrian Minshull, Director, Hydroflux Group

Adrian Minshull from Hydroflux Group shares his thoughts on what he thinks water professionals can do to help.

Registrations open for international irrigation conference

22 February, 2016

The 2016 Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition will take place from 24–26 May at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

How to make Perth a water-sensitive city

08 February, 2016

A major rethink is needed by policymakers, planners and the general public if Perth is going to successfully transition to become a water-sensitive city, according to a UWA water resources expert.

Water's contribution to Australia's innovation boom

20 January, 2016

Australia's innovation boom will only be limited by our imagination — a notion that is true for the water sector as much as any other part of the economy.

Water: for liveable communities and sustainable industries

20 January, 2016

There will be a spotlight on sustainability and liveable cities at the Ozwater'16 international water conference and exhibition, which is being held in Melbourne from 10–12 May. Early-bird prices close 31 March.

Water pipes crawl with millions of bacteria

21 December, 2015

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have discovered that drinking water is to a large extent purified by millions of 'good' bacteria found in water pipes and purification plants. So far, the knowledge about them has been practically non-existent, but this new research is about to change that.

Top tips for Smart Irrigation Month

16 November, 2015

With Australia set to face a severe El Niño summer, with predicted droughts and bushfires across the country, Reece Irrigation has declared November 2015 to be the inaugural 'Smart Irrigation Month'.

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