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Thirsty emus look to smart solar for their daily drink

23 February, 2024

A solar-powered irrigation project has been designed to help ensure the sustainability and cost-efficiency of an emu farm at Mt Gwynne that stocks up to 300 birds.

Strategic priorities for Australia's water utilities in 2024

29 January, 2024 by Peter Murphy, Head of Resources, Capability & Delivery for Atturra Advisory

Facing a rapidly growing population and long-term climate change, Australia's water utilities are bracing for increased demand from both households and businesses in the years ahead.

Hunter Water releases guidelines for green open spaces

25 October, 2023

Hunter Water has commissioned best practice guidelines to provide support for developing and maintaining green open spaces in the Lower Hunter.

Sanitising solutions for food preparation at ICC Sydney

03 October, 2023

The International Convention Centre in Sydney (ICC Sydney) is using eWater Systems' on-site generators.

eWater Systems sustainable cleaning and sanitising system

28 August, 2023

eWater Systems are designed to replace chemicals by supplying disinfectant, sanitiser and cleaner using electrolysis technology.

Melbourne Water restoring native fish populations

08 August, 2023

Melbourne Water has announced an initiative to revitalise the Dandenong Creek corridor, protecting local waterways and restoring native fish habitats.

Water's role in the circular economy

26 June, 2023

Water represents an underexplored avenue of acquiring many of the materials needed to advance clean energy that could help to decarbonise the planet.

Yarra Valley Water announces five-year partnerships

19 May, 2023

Yarra Valley Water has a signed a partnership with Jaydo, Aqua Metro and MFJ Constructions to deliver its Pipes and Facilities Program.

Energy efficiency helps Australian water authorities meet their clean energy goals

01 May, 2023

Understanding the challenges in the water sectors, and identifying the ways to overcome them, means continuing to support sustainable water security for all Australians.

Advanced IoT-Based Monitoring System for Flood Prevention and Sewage Monitoring

06 April, 2023

Tidal/Flood gates are installed in high-risk areas and designed to protect the local residents and communities from floods.

When it comes to water, are we stewards or security guards?

01 April, 2023

With great pressure on water supplies, there has never been a more urgent need for innovative and sustainable solutions to manage the precious resource.

Pump discharge control valve for the water industry

31 January, 2023

Australia's aging water distribution infrastructure and growing population are placing a strain on water networks, leading to increased demands for maintenance and capacity upgrades.

Strategic agreement to develop sustainable water management

30 November, 2022

Fujitsu Australia and Iota have announced a strategic agreement for ongoing product development and implementation of the Lentic IoT solution for the water utility sector.

Purified wastewater vs conventional drinking water

03 November, 2022

A new Stanford study indicates that the toxicity of potable reuse waters is equal or lower than conventional drinking waters.

On the road to greater water resilience

01 October, 2022

The recent Aquanomics report by GHD clearly underscores the urgent need to take robust action to build water resilience and mitigate the frequency and potentially catastrophic impacts of these climate events.

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