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Odour monitor for environment and security

23 June, 2009

The E-Nose Mk3.3 series is a real-time continuous odour monitor for outdoor air quality management in a wide range of industrial contexts.

Technology combats offending industry odours

15 May, 2009

Murdoch University scientists have combined engineering and modern biotechnology in a process that will combat offending industry odours — particularly wastewater treatment and secondary waste processing.

Biotechnology combats offending odours

24 April, 2009

A combination of engineering and modern biotechnology has been harnessed to combat offending odours produced by many industries including wastewater treatment and secondary waste processing.

Snail pace on petrol vapour puts air quality and public health at risk

22 December, 2008

The NSW government’s go-slow on introducing technology to capture harmful petrol vapour at service stations will expose hundreds of thousands of motorists to harmful chemicals and undermine efforts to reduce air pollution, according to the Total Environment Centre (TEC).

Bank achieves CEMARS certification

22 December, 2008

Westpac New Zealand Ltd has achieved a milestone in sustainability, by achieving Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) certification as part of its strategy to reduce its carbon footprint.

Soils could help combat climate change

10 July, 2008

Could part of the answer to saving Earth from global warming lie in the earth beneath our feet? A team from Newcastle University in the UK aims to design soils that can remove carbon from the atmosphere — permanently and cost effectively.

Carbon emission experts urge business to act

29 April, 2008

A line-up of experts will tell industry that emissions targets and reporting deadlines set by the federal government demand instant action during a series of seminars sponsored by Victoria's Environment Protection Authority during the Australian Carbon Trading Expo 2008.

Carbon emissions monitoring

23 April, 2008

Ecotech provides a wide range of carbon monitoring instruments and systems that measure CO2, hydrocarbons and CO emissions for stack and ambient applications.

Toxic vapour analyser

23 April, 2008

The TVA1000B is an 'over-the-shoulder' portable vapour analyser that offers both PID (photo ionisation detection) and FID (flame ionisation detection) in a single instrument.

Portable gas detectors

25 February, 2008

The Impact portable gas detector is the latest generation of Neotronics gas detectors, which allows fixed-cost servicing, ease of calibration without the need for a dedicated computer or system of gas regulators and command modules.

Environmental data reporting program

25 February, 2008

Ecotech has released an environmental data reporting program called WinCollect v4.0 that is claimed to offer users improved ease of use, increased robustness and more user-defined options.

Company to cut truck emissions by 10%

12 February, 2008

Visy Recycling aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of its recycling truck fleet by up to 10% as it begins to trial a dual fuel system fitted to one of its recycling trucks in the Whitehorse City Council area, in Melbourne.

Wood climate change credentials endorsed

09 January, 2008

A report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights the necessity of reducing emissions and provides strong endorsement of wood’s environmental credentials.

GasBadge Pro gas monitor

25 July, 2007

Industrial Scientific Corporation has enhanced its full-featured, dockable GasBadge Pro single gas monitor by introducing an electrochemical hydrogen sensor option.

Reducing the odour of biosolids

23 February, 2007

The cost of biosolid treatment and hauling is a major expenditure for wastewater treatment utilities. Pathogens and odour problems may restrict the biosolid disposal options and affect hauling costs

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