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Feds put $3.75 million on table for a greener Green Square

21 April, 2012

Lord Mayor Clover Moore, today, welcomed a $3.75 million federal government grant to begin rolling out Australia’s first large-scale trigeneration network that will transform Sydney’s Green Square into a new retail, residential and employment hub.

The energy retailer of the future

15 February, 2012

In the quest to become more energy efficient and reduce our greenhouse gas output, the question of whether we can rely on energy retailers to help us in this journey is often asked. Jennifer Baltatzidis, Principal Consultant in Energy Engineering at Origin Energy, presents her opinion on this subject.

Recharging electric cars on the highway

09 February, 2012 by Mark Shwartz, Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University

Stanford researchers have designed a new technology that could lead to wireless charging of electric vehicles while they cruise down the highway.

Energy technology goes beyond charging cars

19 January, 2012

The technology behind an Australian-produced electric vehicle charger could provide an answer to the challenges outlined in the government’s Energy White Paper, thanks to its potential to lower investment in electricity infrastructure by helping better use the existing capacity in the grid.

Sharing energy efficiency

07 December, 2011 by Jennifer Baltatzidis*, Origin Energy

This past year has seen great change and uncertainty in the energy and regulatory market for business. From increases in energy costs due to network augmentations and more increases on this front expected, to the splitting of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) into two parts, to the introduction and/or adjustments of a variety of state-based schemes, along with more stringent requirements for the commercial building disclosure scheme, and now, an expected carbon tax along with a plethora of grant and tax-break incentives to come with it. While my intent is not to discuss the specifics of what all these changes will mean, one thing is for certain, energy prices will increase and the effects on many businesses will be difficult to ignore.

Low-carbon energy network

06 December, 2011

The City of Sydney will begin final negotiations with energy provider Cogent Energy to build and operate a low-carbon energy network to power central Sydney and slash greenhouse gas emissions.

Research finds demand for heat exchanger technologies

18 November, 2011

Frost & Sullivan’s 'Trends in Heat Exchanger Technologies' research finds that offering enhanced thermodynamic properties will help manufacturers sustain in this marketplace.

Macroeconomic report looks at NZ green growth opportunities

16 November, 2011

The executive summary of a significant macroeconomic report on green growth opportunities for New Zealand has been released.

Australian scientists revolutionise processing of starch

10 November, 2011

Australian scientists have developed an analyser that will monitor the behaviour of starches as they are cooked, revolutionising food manufacturing processes.

Trigeneration precinct for commercial buildings

04 November, 2011

In April 2011, Investa Property Group and Cogent, a subsidiary of Origin, established a trigeneration facility that reduces the carbon footprints of two commercial buildings in Sydney.

Australians appointed to develop energy efficiency in Dubai cities

26 October, 2011

An Australian technology services company has been appointed to assist in driving down energy consumption in three new iconic city precincts in Dubai.

Improving the physics of grocery store display cases to save energy

21 October, 2011

Shoppers don’t usually give a second thought as they reach into a cooler to grab milk, cheese or prepackaged lunches. Open-front refrigerated display cases, which make up roughly 60% of the refrigerated cases in grocery stores and supermarkets, provide quick access to chilled products such as dairy, meat, fish and produce. While they are popular with shoppers and grocery stores, they’re less popular with electric utilities and others concerned with energy efficiency.

Victorian demountable classrooms go green

19 October, 2011

Sustainable building provider Vento Australasia is participating in a Victorian state government initiative to provide inspiration to the next generation of energy-efficient relocatable classrooms.

Grocery retailer monitors and manages energy

11 October, 2011

US-based grocery retail company Supervalu has installed energy monitoring hardware and has enrolled in a demand-response program with Net Peak Energy Group. The program organises payment to the retailer for effectively ‘selling’ their electricity back to their utilities when demand is high. Additionally, the program can call for the retailer’s distribution centres to shed up to 1.2 MW of power.

Remarkable development in Queenstown

29 September, 2011

The mountains surrounding Queenstown on New Zealand’s south island overlooking Lake Wakatipu are aptly known as The Remarkables. If you’re familiar with this part of the world you’ll appreciate the effort that went into establishing a 6.4-hectare master plan for the Kawarau Falls Station (KFS) development.

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