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Electro-Chemical Devices CA-6 UV spectroscopic analysers

04 April, 2016

Water engineers responsible for municipal or industrial water and wastewater will find the single- or dual-parameter CA-6 UV family of spectroscopic analysers from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) can monitor any two selected parameters in separate measurement ranges for ammonia, nitrate or chemical oxygen demand (COD 254 nm).

Intelligent Water Quality Networks

01 April, 2016

Today's technology is growing at a rapid pace. While pressure and flow monitoring is still a very current issue, the need to understand and manage more water quality parameters has seen the development of analytical sensors using GPRS/GSM technologies.

AquaGas TOPAZ online water quality analyser

16 March, 2016

The TOPAZ analyser is designed for automatic and continuous monitoring of several parameters amongst a large range of chemical compounds in all types of water. The product carries out versatile water quality monitoring using a combination of analytical methods (colorimetry, titrimetry and potentiometry or selected absorption).

OTT Hydromet Hydrolab HL4 water quality instrument

11 March, 2016

The Hydrolab HL4 is a multiparameter water quality instrument from OTT Hydromet. Its ease of use and metadata are said to produce water quality data the user can trust.

Burkert Type 8905 Online Analysis System

24 February, 2016

Bürkert's Type 8905 Online Analysis System has been designed for the continuous monitoring of treated and untreated waters and storage of the most important measurement parameters before water enters the supply network.

Cerlic BB2 controller for X-Series sensors

01 February, 2016

Capable of managing up to four separate sensors, the BB2 controller is reverse-compatible with existing Cerlic equipment and can directly replace a line-voltage unit as part of an upgrade, with no further hardware required.

Electro-Chemical Devices HCA1 Portable Colorimetric Chlorine Test Kit

18 January, 2016

The Electro-Chemical Devices HCA1 Portable Colorimetric Chlorine Test Kit is suitable for testing free and total chlorine in drinking water, wastewater, environmental waters, cooling towers and rinse waters in the food and beverage industry.

Smart water metering for a dry continent

10 December, 2015 by Glenn Johnson

While Australia is the driest populated continent on Earth, growing urban populations, economic growth and increased agricultural production are all expected to increase water usage further in the coming decades.

Michell Instruments HygroCal100 portable humidity verification system

23 November, 2015

Michell Instruments has introduced a portable verification system for humidity probes — the HygroCal100. Weighing just 3.2 kg and with a battery life of up to 8 h, the unit is designed with portability in mind.

Zeulab Microcystest test kit for microcystins in water

26 October, 2015

Microcystest is a test for the detection of microcystins and nodularins (hepatotoxins) in water. The kit is based on the protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) activity inhibition by microcystins and is therefore able to detect the potential toxicity caused by microcystins in water samples.

Catchment health is key to water quality

23 October, 2015

The 2015 Healthy Waterways Report Card recognises the increasing amount of sediment entering South East Queensland waterways as the number one issue affecting water quality.

Smart water networks are key to combating drought across Australia

14 October, 2015 by Mary Wilson, Director Smart Metering, Sensus

Over the past year, rainfall totals dipped to their lowest on record for parts of Australia.

Water-tracing technology to monitor Sydney Basin groundwater

02 October, 2015

Researchers from UNSW have used water-tracing technology in the Sydney Basin to determine how groundwater moves in the different layers of rock below the surface.

Achieve precise fluoride analysis

26 August, 2015

The advancement of chemical sensing techniques has enabled online monitors to be applied in analysing and controlling the fluoride concentration in water. An understanding of their limitations, however, is essential in ensuring the validity of the results and the capability to comply with regulatory standards.

Gems Sensors & Controls DipTape level indicator

13 August, 2015

Gems Sensors & Controls DipTape level indicators are a simple way to measure the liquid level in storage tanks and IBCs. They are suitable for quick, periodic readouts where power is unavailable or undesirable.

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