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Plan for drinking recycled wastewater

01 May, 2020

A plan to recycle wastewater and make it drinkable could see the delivery of water to city dwellers become much more efficient.

Innovation could save millions in sewer system management

05 December, 2019

Envirosuite has signed a deal with University of Queensland to incorporate the SeweX mathematical modelling technology into its environmental product suite.

Biosolids from Sydney Water provide benefits for NSW farmers

21 September, 2017

Each year Sydney Water re-uses 100% of biosolids produced — about 180,000 tonnes.

Wastewater: the untapped resource

27 March, 2017

What if we were to consider the vast quantities of domestic, agricultural and industrial wastewater discharged into the environment every day as a valuable resource rather than costly problem?

Advancing resource recovery — new report

11 January, 2016

An international report that takes an investor's perspective to recovering resources from wastewater has been welcomed by the water industry as an important step towards sustainability of water management in Australia.

Wastewater irrigation can cause diarrhoeal diseases

06 March, 2014

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have found that the use of wastewater to irrigate vegetable crops may significantly contribute to deadly health risks such as rotavirus, a major cause of diarrhoeal diseases.

Nubian brings sustainable water solutions to 720 Bourke Street

27 June, 2013

Nubian Water Systems, a provider of sustainable water solutions for the urban environment, has been selected as the vendor of choice by 720 Bourke Street’s hydraulic contractor, Richstone Plumbing.

BioGill technology keeps Fiji island beaches and ocean pristine

27 June, 2013

Mantaray Island Resort opened its doors to travellers as an eco-resort in 2004. Now, with Australian-invented BioGill technology, the island is effectively treating wastewater on-site, recycling the water for garden re-use and protecting the local reefs and waterways.

Game changer for wastewater recycling

11 April, 2013 by Jonathan Clement*, Managing Director Asia-Pacific, PWN Technologies

A novel, single-step wastewater recycling treatment that uses a ceramic membrane is currently being trialled in Australia to determine if it can provide a more affordable and sustainable solution. Jonathan Clement, Managing Director Asia-Pacific PWN Technologies, provides the details.

$10.3 million wastewater recycling upgrades in Riverton and Clare completed

19 November, 2012

Senator Don Farrell, the Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, has joined the Member for Wakefield, Nick Champion, to mark the completion of the Riverton and Clare Integrated Community Water Supply and Re-use Schemes.

Major advance in generating electricity from wastewater

15 August, 2012

Engineers at Oregon State University have made a breakthrough in the performance of microbial fuel cells that can produce electricity directly from wastewater, opening the door to a future in which waste treatment plants will not only power themselves, but will sell excess electricity.

Green power from wastewater with anaerobic technologies

25 June, 2012 by Jean Pierre Ombregt*

The concept of using wastewater to create green energy is much more widely applicable than often realised. Any factory with a biological waste stream or wastewater with high COD (chemical oxygen demand) can easily use this model to generate energy. Some companies making the investment have achieved payback within a year. Most typically achieve it within two years.

Direct drinking water recycling could prevent floods

27 April, 2012

The use of a more streamlined process to recycle wastewater could have saved Brisbane from severe flooding in 2011 and mitigated recent flood risks in NSW, a leading water expert says.

Remarkable water savings for Booleroo and Melrose

27 April, 2012

The communities of Booleroo Centre and Melrose in South Australia's southern Flinders Ranges will save nearly six million litres of water each year through the use of an innovative water-saving technique.

Sydney Water & Ku-ring-gai Council join forces

02 April, 2011

Ku-ring-gai Council and Sydney Water have joined forces to switch on a new water recycling plant that will ensure Gordon golf course is always green.

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