TEOM series 1405 for particulate monitoring

07 April, 2009 | Supplied by: Lear Siegler Australasia Pty Ltd

Lear Siegler, in conjunction with Thermo Fisher Scientific, has released the TEOM series 1405 for ambient particulate monitoring, featuring modernised electronics and a touch-screen user interface packaged in a single cabinet.

Multiwaste shredder

02 April, 2009 | Supplied by: ITs Green

The Evashred EV65E Multiwaste Shredder is a strong, durable machine which has the ability to shred high-throughput volume. Suitable for document destruction, paper and plastic shredding, its design is based on two previous models: EV45E and EV60E.

Advanced waste treatment plant opened in Western Sydney

26 March, 2009

A $50 million advanced waste treatment plant will establish Western Sydney residents as the most effective recyclers in NSW.

Cane toads to return to canefields as mulch

26 March, 2009

One of Australia’s greatest pests, the cane toad, is about to serve a useful purpose as mulch in the sugar cane crops it has traditionally multiplied in.

48 tonnes of waste saved from going to landfill

17 March, 2009

Over the last week, New Zealanders saved 48 tonnes of waste from going to landfill as part of this year’s Fisher & Paykel Appliances’ recycling days.

Council streamlines waste workflows

12 March, 2009

Following an influx of close to 12,000 customer service requests last year, primarily for missed bins, Hume City Council in NSW has implemented a Spatial Waste Collection & Incident Recording System to streamline workflows for its waste services crew.

DUMP award winners for bad packaging announced

03 March, 2009

Everyday supermarket items including Coles pre-packed lemons, Kids Care fruit snacks and Dynamo laundry refill packs have been exposed for their use of damaging and useless packaging in Environment Victoria’s 2009 National DUMP Awards.

Metropolitan Waste and Resource Strategic Plan released

03 March, 2009

The Brumby government has released the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Strategic Plan, setting the future direction for Melbourne’s waste management.

Container deposit systems will cost consumers more

02 March, 2009

Australian Food and Grocery Council Chief Executive Kate Carnell said that it was disappointing that high-profile members of the community were still calling for costly, outdated 1970s solutions to 2009 challenges.

Unit pricing of household garbage

22 January, 2009

An alternative to a flat-rate waste collection service is one in which households are charged per unit of waste they produce. This technical paper, written by Dr Joe Pickin of Hyder Consulting, discusses a case study in Melbourne that studied the effect of unit pricing of household garbage. Did it improve welfare, reduce garbage, or neither?

European Parliament bans 22 toxic substances

22 January, 2009

The European Parliament (EU) has adopted legislation that bans the use of 22 toxic substances, including carcinogenic, reprotoxic, genotoxic, endocrine-disrupting and immunotoxic chemicals.

Cleansing leaks from toxic tips

21 January, 2009

Across Australia, tens of thousands of garbage tips are leaking a toxic brew of old, and sometimes deadly, chemicals into the water ingested or used about the home by up to 4 million people.

Television and computer monitor recycling plant for Australia

19 January, 2009

Australia is set to increase its recycling capacity with the introduction of the television and computer monitor recycling company, CRT Recycling Australia.

Rescuing surplus food

13 January, 2009

Melbourne-based food rescue charity FareShare has estimated in a new report that it will save 620 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2008–09 as a result of its waste reduction efforts. The charity turns surplus food donated from businesses, including food wholesalers and catering companies, into healthy meals for people in Melbourne who are hungry and homeless.

Clean-up could offer a billion dollar land boost

07 January, 2009

Cleaning up contaminated land in the heart of Australia’s industrial cities could provide a timely boost in value to the national urban real estate portfolio.

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