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Feeding wine waste to abalone

22 June, 2017

Researchers at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) have discovered that recycled wine waste is excellent abalone feed.

Waste management at foodpro 2017

16 May, 2017

2017 is certainly proving an auspicious year for the food manufacturing and processing industry — global changes are affecting the way we work, 'new age' technologies like 3D printing are becoming the norm and the issue of food waste is ever more perennial with each day.

Metals separator developed for very fine materials

08 May, 2017

Sorting specialist STEINERT has developed a non-ferrous metals separator for fine materials, which it supplied to metal recycler Galloo.

Our climate is changing — can the waste sector help?

03 February, 2017 by Mike Ritchie, Director

Despite clear and overwhelming evidence that our climate is changing right now, the appetite for action at a political level is diminishing.

Waste Summit opens call for abstracts

01 February, 2017

A call for abstracts has been circulated for Waste Summit, a free-to-attend industry conference taking place in October this year.

How to deal with derelict mines

07 November, 2016

Experts in mine site rehabilitation and clean-up will gather in Singleton, NSW, on 6–8 December to discuss the best ways to clean up old mine sites that may still be leaking toxins and pollutants into water, air and the human food chain.

Why bother with the circular economy?

17 October, 2016 by Mike Ritchie, MRA Consulting Group

The circular economy matters... it rejects the status quo 'take-make-dispose' linear economy in favour of cycling biological and technical materials.

Virgin Australia introduces mushrooms grown from coffee grounds

22 August, 2016

Virgin Australia has partnered with start-up company Fungimental to introduce sustainably produced oyster mushrooms onboard its flights. The mushrooms are grown in used coffee grounds collected from the Virgin Australia Sydney Lounge.

Microbeads proved to contaminate fish

17 August, 2016

As pressure mounts for a global ban on microbeads, researchers from RMIT University and Hainan University have for the first time shown that these tiny polyethylene particles directly contaminate fish with toxic chemical pollutants.

Victorian approach to waste planning worthy of polite plagiarism

01 August, 2016 by Mike Ritchie, Managing Director, MRA Consulting Group

The Victorian Government's waste planning reforms are worthy of comment and polite plagiarism by other jurisdictions, according to MRA Consulting's Mike Ritchie.

Research says advertise your products' ethical credentials

19 May, 2016 by Jacquie Fegent-McGeachie, Director – Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability, Kimberly-Clark Australia & New Zealand

Many corporate sustainability advisers alike have experienced the dilemma of whether to proactively promote their sustainability credentials. Jacquie Fegent-McGeachie provides comments on what the research says.

Bags not! Finding the solution for Australia's plastic bags

05 April, 2016

It is pretty clear that there is finally a national appetite to address single-use plastic bags. Whether agreed or not, it is important that we get the transition right.

Food waste prevention better than biogas production

22 January, 2016

Norwegian researchers have been weighing up the benefits of recycling food waste versus preventing it, concluding that the latter is a more effective strategy for cutting emissions.

Microbeads and the need for a national ban

01 December, 2015 by Mike Ritchie, Director, MRA Consulting Group

Small bits of plastic like microbeads, found in common cosmetics such as face washes, exfoliants and toothpastes, have been wreaking havoc on waterways and soil systems across the world.

EPS — ban it, recycle it or price it?

19 November, 2015 by Mike Ritchie, Director, MRA Consulting Group

New York City's decision to ban single-use polystyrene foam containers and packaging was recently overturned by the Supreme Court. So did the Big Apple get it wrong, or was the idea of a ban just poorly implemented?

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