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Waste Minimisation (Solids) Bill submissions

11 August, 2006

The New Zealand Green’s Waste Minimisation (Solids) Bill is through to the Select Committee. The local government and Environment Select Committee have called for submissions on the bill with a closing date of 1 September.

Bringing life cycle analysis into the building industry

21 July, 2006

Architects and designers can now evaluate the life cycle impact of their choices for commercial buildings in just a few hours

Incineration as a fuel source

21 July, 2006

Domestic waste can successfully be turned into light and heat when incinerated, under methodology developed by scientists from Chernogolovka in the Moscow Region and staff from the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics RAS

Fuel alcohol from pea starch?

21 July, 2006

So you don't like eating peas? Then how about fuelling your car or truck with them? That's a possibility Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are exploring - using a type of fuel called ethanol, made from the legume's starch

Campaign urges Victorians to save energy

22 June, 2006

Victorians have been encouraged to reduce their energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a new campaign unveiled by the Victorian Government.

American Honda generating its own electricity

03 December, 2005

Establishing a reputation for environmentally-conscious products, American Honda is dedicated to environmental responsibility. Recently, it established the ability to generate its own electricity using natural gas

Blower energy recovery heat exchanger

28 November, 2005

Lackeby Products has developed a water/air heat exchanger to extend the life of membranes used in aeration tanks at sites such as wastewater treatment plants. The unit recovers or regains energy heat from the blower-produced air stream which then can be used for the heating for ventilation systems or tap water.

Food from winery waste

03 November, 2005

The Australian wine industry is set to benefit significantly from a novel technology being developed at the University of South Australia that enables winery wastewater to be turned into a valuable protein-rich feed source for farm animals

Waste neutral project in Cornwall

03 August, 2005

The huge domes housing different climatic environments are an instantly recognisable feature of the Eden Project in Cornwall. But perhaps less well known is the research into sustainable development that is a cornerstone of the Eden Project

Composting machine

24 June, 2005

The Orion 1400 Trommel composting machine offers the processor a versatile and productive screening plant. Both wheeled and tracked versions are available and the machine working angle is hydraulically adjustable.

Composting mobile phones

03 June, 2005

Researchers at the University of Warwick's Warwick Management Group, in conjunction with PVAXX Research & Development Ltd, have devised a novel way to recycle discarded mobile telephones - bury them and watch them transform into the flower of your choice

Plastic from plants

21 May, 2005

Plantic Technologies and Visy Industries have entered an agreement to develop and commercialise new technology based on Plantic 'plastic from plants'.

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