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Team creates fuel from sunlight

04 March, 2024

A team of researchers from UNSW Sydney has come up with a novel way to produce synthetic methane — directly from sunlight.

Parliament committee seeking submissions on EV transition

05 February, 2024

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water has commenced an inquiry into the transition to EVs.

Eco bus-cleaning trial proves a success

25 January, 2024

Australian bus operator Busways was searching for a sustainable set of detergents to replace the traditional heavy cleaners used in its depots.

A guide to modern sustainability jargon

17 January, 2024

Cundall has created an A to Z glossary of the decarbonisation and sustainability terms most commonly used in finance, property, design and construction.

Curtin University joins European research network

16 January, 2024

Curtin University has joined the EXCITE2 research network, becoming the only institution outside of Europe to do so.

2024 Thought Leaders: Charlene Loo

15 January, 2024

Charlene Loo of BSI Australia and New Zealand talks about the three biggest challenges, which include climate change, cybersecurity and social sustainability.

Tackling urban heat across Australia

20 December, 2023

A new national observatory has been set up at UNSW to report and measure the heat vulnerability and cooling potential of Australia's urban centres.

Helping Sydney prepare for hotter summers

11 December, 2023

A new study will map air temperatures across the City of Sydney while testing the thermal performance of assets like trees and parks.

Reducing energy and water use in oil refining with AI

26 October, 2023

A polymer membrane created by researchers could reshape how refineries process crude oil, reducing the energy and water required to extract useful materials.

Infinite recycling R&D facility to be built

04 September, 2023

Queanbeyan will become home to a leader in infinite recycling and decarbonised plastic management.

Australians back science for positive outcomes

10 August, 2023

The latest 3M State of Science Index has found that Australians strongly back science for positive outcomes in improving lives and solving climate threats.

The feasibility of turning food waste into energy

18 July, 2023

A study has investigated the feasibility of implementing anaerobic digestion to produce energy from food waste in Illinois, US.

CSIRO providing R&D support to SMEs

18 July, 2023

CSIRO is providing free research and development support to small and medium businesses working in the plastic and recycling sector through a 10-week program.

Plastics found in strawberry fields

11 July, 2023

Researchers found that the plastic mulch used to support the growth of Californian strawberries sheds large quantities of plastic mulch fragments.

Sustainable Construction: Modern Approaches to Traditional Practices

01 June, 2023

For centuries, we have been constructing everything from homes to manufacturing plants to transportation infrastructure, building on traditional practices.

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