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Schneider Electric PowerLogic EM4300 Wireless Energy Meter

31 March, 2016

Schneider Electric has released the PowerLogic EM4300 Wireless Energy Meter. The meter has been specifically designed for retrofit situations and takes up a small footprint within a switchboard.

Eyes on efficiency at Canberra Airport

23 March, 2016

Analytical software installed at the Canberra Airport terminal acts as eyes, monitoring the building's operation 24 hours a day to ensure the site's sustainability and energy-efficiency initiatives are operating as efficiently as possible.

SATEC BFM II metering technology

14 March, 2016

SATEC introduces the next generation of multicircuit branch feeder metering for energy and load management. The BFM II is a modular format for 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 54 single-phase circuits and/or a combination of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18 three-phase circuits.

Say cheese! New camera can measure methane

04 December, 2015

Researchers have developed a camera that can photograph and film the methane in the air around us. The device is set to become an important part of the efforts to measure and monitor greenhouse gases.

Emerson acquires IntelliSAW

26 October, 2015

Emerson has acquired IntelliSAW, a provider of systems that protect electric power transmission and distribution equipment by measuring and monitoring temperature, humidity and partial discharge using advanced sensor and analytic technologies.

Emerson DCMlink actuator asset control and monitoring software

23 October, 2015

Emerson Process Management has introduced DCMlink Software, a unified electric actuator control, monitoring and diagnostics platform. The platform will allow Emerson customers to diagnose, configure and monitor all electric actuators from a central location independent of protocol, actuator or host system.

South Australia to trial residential energy storage systems

08 October, 2015

SA Power Networks and Enphase Energy have partnered together to conduct distributed residential energy storage trials in a bid to help develop battery storage usage in Australia.

OSIsoft PI Connector for HART-IP

30 September, 2015

Emerson Process Management and OSIsoft have introduced the OSIsoft PI Connector for HART-IP, a link between HART field devices and OSIsoft's PI System enterprise software infrastructure for managing streaming sensor data in real time.

Schneider Electronic Modicon M171 controller series

29 August, 2015

The Modicon M171 controller series is at the centre of Schneider Electric's offering for HVAC and pumping applications, focused on building automation. The series includes the Modicon M171 Optimised and Modicon M171 Performance.

carbonTRACK energy management system

24 August, 2015

carbonTRACK is an intelligent energy management system and Internet of Things platform that provides energy usage insight and allows consumers to control and switch electrical devices and appliances.

Fluke TiS Performance Series Infrared Cameras

06 August, 2015

The Fluke TiS Performance Series Infrared Cameras are said to feature improved resolution to help industrial, HVAC and maintenance professionals analyse equipment health quickly and accurately.

Are you making the right decision with your old UPS?

27 July, 2015

Within a data centre there is the inevitable choice of what to do with an old UPS. Selecting the right option is not as straightforward as one may think. Should you replace the UPS with a new one? Upgrade the current UPS and extend its life? Or do nothing and run it to fail? While pondering these questions you need to simultaneously take into account the present UPS conditions and its capabilities, and keep in mind your future requirements and constraints.

Emerson Process Management Logbooks accessible from DeltaV distributed control systems

22 July, 2015

Emerson Process Management's Logbooks — an electronic database of operator log entries — can now be embedded in the DeltaV distributed control system interface to improve task management and enable more effective shift handovers with real-time visibility to active entries.

Schneider Electric PowerLogic PM8000 series meter

08 July, 2015

Schneider Electric has released the PowerLogic PM8000 series power meter. In accordance with power quality standards IEC 61000-4-30 Class S and IEC 62586, it is suitable for helping to ensure contractual obligations for electrical supply quality.

Ahlborn ALMEMO 202 professional data logger with graphics display

01 June, 2015

The ALMEMO 202 measuring instrument provides a programming menu for end-to-end programming of all the parameters needed for digital ALMEMO D6 and D7 sensors.

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