ECD Model X80 Universal Transmitter

22 September, 2017 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

The ECD Model X80 Universal Transmitter is a single- or dual-channel transmitter designed for the continuous measurement of pH, ORP, pION, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity or resistivity in a general-purpose industrial environment.

SolarEdge Technologies single- and three-phase inverters for large PV systems

21 September, 2017 | SolarEdge Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd

SolarEdge Technologies is expanding its residential offering for large PV systems, announcing higher production from its range of single-phase inverters and a line of three-phase inverters.

Thermo Fisher Scientific ENERGY STAR certified energy-efficient, ultralow-temperature laboratory freezers

20 September, 2017 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

To reduce energy consumption, Thermo Fisher Scientific's ultralow-temperature freezers incorporate features such as V-drive technology that continually detects and adapts to user patterns to provide temperature uniformity throughout, fast door opening recovery and lower heat emissions to reduce HVAC costs.

FLUID SYSTEMS nanofiltration and reverse osmosis products

19 September, 2017 | Koch Membrane Services

FLUID SYSTEMS' nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) product lines are suitable for the delivery of consistent, high-quality filtration, offering municipal and industrial clients a total treatment solution with re-use potential.

SolarEdge Technologies commercial power optimisers for PV modules

15 September, 2017 | SolarEdge Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd

SolarEdge's commercial power optimisers offer management and monitoring of two modules. They are designed to support two modules per power optimiser, enabling effective commercial installations.

ifm electronic SM4000 mag flow meters with IO-Link

14 September, 2017 | ifm efector pty ltd

The SM4000 magnetic-inductive flow meter operates on Faraday's law of induction. Conductive media flow through a magnetic field and the voltage generated is proportional to the speed or flow rate. This voltage is tapped via electrodes and converted in the evaluation electronics.

Schneider Electric TeSys D Green energy-efficient contactors

06 September, 2017 | Clipsal - by Schneider Electric

The TeSys D Green energy-efficient contactors for control and switching applications are equipped with an electronic coil that requires up to 80% less energy and generates up to 50% less heat inside cabinets compared to electromechanical contactors, according to Schneider Electric.

Blue-I SMART NRG battery-operated chlorine analyser

01 September, 2017 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the SMART NRG, a battery-operated water quality monitoring station that can be installed anywhere along the water distribution network.

Phoenix Contact PV sets with surge protection for MPP tracking

24 August, 2017 | Phoenix Contact Pty Ltd

Phoenix Contact now offers PV sets that combine two MPP (maximum power point) trackers for surge protection.

Phoenix Contact PT-TWIN push-in contact inserts

07 August, 2017 | Phoenix Contact Pty Ltd

Phoenix Contact has released the PT-TWIN push-in contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors. In addition to offering push-in connection technology, the devices come with a double conductor connection.

Thermo Scientific TSX505 Series lab-grade undercounter refrigerators

01 August, 2017 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Scientific TSX505 Series lab-grade undercounter refrigerators are designed to minimise energy usage and noise while maintaining high levels of performance and maximising storage capacity.

Xylem 5th generation HYDROVAR intelligent pump control system

28 July, 2017 | Xylem Water Solutions Australia Ltd

Xylem has released the 5th generation HYDROVAR, an intelligent control system that adapts to system demands. The drive and motor control can reduce the energy consumption of a pump by as much as 70%, according to the company.

ABB ACS480 all-compatible VSD

21 July, 2017 | Control Logic Pty Ltd

ABB's ACS480 is a compact, all-compatible variable speed drive that has been specifically designed to optimise pump, fan and compressor operations as well as take advantage of energy efficiency.

Hach RTC (Real Time Control) water treatment systems

20 July, 2017 | Hach Pacific Pty Ltd

Hach's RTC (Real Time Control) solutions are complete off-the-shelf systems that adjust treatment processes in real time. Standardised RTC modules can be combined and configured to deliver a holistic water treatment optimisation solution, tailored to plant-specific requirements, which will improve compliance and reduce operating expenses.

Newster healthcare waste treatment technology

19 July, 2017 | 180 Waste Group

The 180 Waste Group has introduced Newster, a patented technology for the treatment of healthcare waste.

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