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Spray Nozzle Engineering

Spray Nozzle Engineering supply industrial spray nozzles anywhere in industry where air/liquid is to be used for cooling, cleaning or environmental control.

Phone: 03 9583 2368
Fax: 03 9585 0218
Unit 1-8, 27 Shearson Crescent , Mentone VIC 3194 (Directions)


Strahman Valves M-5000TG Low Flow Series Mixing Unit-Hose Station

The M-5000TG Low Flow Series mixing unit produces hot water instantly from a steady supply of steam and cold water. The range is claimed to help users achieve savings in water, sewage and energy costs.

Spray Nozzle Engineering stainless steel reels

Wherever washdown hose reel stations are required for food, beverage or pharmaceutical applications, Reel Tech Stainless Steel Reels from Hannay offer protection against contamination and corrosion. The stainless steel reels ensure no paint transfer or rusting, making them suitable for harsh or sanitary conditions.

Heavy-duty water gun

The Nito II is a heavy-duty water gun that is suitable for flushing and cleaning jobs in industry. It is able to withstand tough conditions without wasting water. The gun can be used with or without a soap solution for rinsing, washing and flushing.

Water-saving nozzle

During the washdown process, much water can be lost from leaking spray nozzles or nozzles that still emit water when the lever is released.



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