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Enware Australia Pty Ltd

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Enpac portable spill containment range

Enware’s relocatable spill-containment products, manufactured by Enpac, are custom-designed to protect the environment and workers from the many hazardous chemicals found in industrial, civil, municipal, mining and military applications.

Fast-Act Decon Mitt decontamination mitts

The Decon Mitt is a toxic chemical decontamination mitt. It consists of a pouch containing a wipe-down mitt impregnated with decontaminating powder called Fast-Act. A soft pad material is backed on the mitt by a film, to protect the user from any contamination by substances to which it is applied.

Water Maze Innovator coagulation industrial wastewater treatment

Water Maze Innovator coagulation industrial wastewater treatment technology is being introduced to Australia by Enware to help users preserve their environment through water remediation and recycling while avoiding hefty disposal costs for untreated water.

Imbiber Bead polymer spill capture system

The Imbiber Bead spill capture system won’t release waste under any conditions once it has been absorbed. The polymer system - which will absorb a spill without leaching - is suitable for use in waterways as a protective barrier to prevent leakage from land into water or from water onto land.

Spray rinse gun

The FS729 Ultra Rinse food service carries both the WaterMark to AS/NZS 3718 and WELS 6 Star Water Efficiency Rating. Tested in service by food service organisations, it has been shown to use less than half the hot water per plate washed compared with older designs.

Spill containment unit

The one-piece polyethylene IBC2000i intermediate bulk container (IBC) spill containment unit features a 144 (L) x 142 cm (W) footprint to fit most 1000 L IBC dispensing units. It also includes a 19 L pail holder for quick, easy dispensing into smaller containers.

Spill containment catalogue

The Enpac SafeEquip catalogue from Enware Australia includes recent additions to the range such as: the single Poly-Rack system for 205 L drums, the Poly-Tank Containment Unit 550 for storing hazardous liquid above ground, Poly-Spill cart for transporting drums, the Storm Sentinel catch basin insert, and various portable containment solutions.



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