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Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

Compressed Air Australia offers high quality, energy-conserving solutions to common industrial cooling, drying, conveying, blowoff, cleaning and static electricity problems. EXAIR compressed air products for industry can help companies conserve compressed air, reduce dangerous noise levels and improve safety. PIPETITE - sealing technology for wall, ceiling and sheet steel penetrations - can seal a connection while allowing for significant movement of the pipe or cable.

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GPO Box 2792 , Darwin NT 0801 (Directions)


EXAIR Industrial Vacuum Systems

EXAIR manufactures industrial duty vacuums for chip removal, liquid transfer and cleaning.

EXAIR High Lift Reversible Drum Vac

This vacuum is suitable for the recovery of fluids like coolant, hydraulic oils, sludge and chips, wastewater, tramp oil and liquid spills.

EXAIR safety air guns

EXAIR safety air guns have been designed to lower the risks and problems that air guns may bring.

EXAIR Super Air Knife

The compact Super Air Knife provides a uniform, high-volume, high-velocity sheet of laminar airflow across the entire length.

EXAIR Reversible Drum Vac

EXAIR's Reversible Drum Vac is designed for the safe recovery of fluids like coolant, hydraulic oils, sludge and chips, wastewater, tramp oil and liquid spills.

Protect-Air EcoReg preset fluid regulator

The EcoReg preset fluid regulator is made of Grivory GV-5 FWA and stainless steel, making it suitable for use in areas such as drinking water and the food industry.

EXAIR Super Air Knife

The compact Super Air Knife provides a powerful curtain of airflow while reducing compressed air usage and noise when compared to other blowoffs.

EXAIR ETC Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems

EXAIR's digital ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) is now available for the company's Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems installed on large or high-heat load enclosures. An ETC Dual Cabinet Cooler System will keep electrical enclosures cool while minimising compressed air use.

Exair Peek Pico Super Air Nozzle

Exair's Peek Pico Super Air Nozzle has been engineered to produce high performance from a tiny nozzle. It delivers small, precise blowoffs with an efficient, high-volume, high-velocity airflow.

Exair CE-compliant Chip Trapper

Independent laboratory tests now certify that Exair’s Chip Trapper meets the rigorous safety, health and environmental standards of the European Union that are required to attain the CE mark. The product offers a fast, easy way to clean large coolant sumps.

Exair external mix spray nozzles

Exair’s external mix spray nozzles atomise fluids in a range of spray patterns for a wide variety of uses. The devices are suitable where a high volume of liquid is needed.

Exair 205 L Heavy Duty Dry Vac system

Exair’s 205 L Heavy Duty Dry Vac system is a rugged, industrial duty vacuum cleaner that has been engineered to rapidly vacuum high volumes of dry material.

Exair super air amplifiers and adjustable air amplifiers

Exair’s super air amplifiers and adjustable air amplifiers provide a fast, quiet, efficient way to move large volumes of air for the transport of smoke, fumes or light materials as well as for venting, cooling, drying and cleaning.

Exair Pico Super Air Nozzle

Exair’s Pico Super Air Nozzle, 5 mm in diameter, is said to be one of the smallest available, providing precision blowoff with a directed high-volume, high-velocity airflow.

Exair’s Heavy Duty Dry Vac vacuum cleaner

Exair’s Heavy Duty Dry Vac is a rugged, industrial-duty vacuum cleaner that has been engineered to vacuum high volumes of dry materials in less time than ordinary vacs. The wear-resistant design is suitable for the clean-up of abrasive materials like steel shot, garnet, metal chips and sand, yet can be used for general-purpose applications.

Exair Chip Trapper vacuum for contaminated liquid

Exair’s Chip Trapper offers a fast and easy way to clean solids such as chips, swarf and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids. The unit vacuums the coolant or liquid that is filled with debris into the included 208 L drum, trapping all the solids in a re-usable filter bag. With a turn of the flow valve, clean liquid pumps back out. Expensive coolant that used to last only six weeks can now last longer with regular use of the Chip Trapper. The unit is suitable for use on machines with sumps, parts washers, tanks and storage containers.


Exair’s Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac Conveyors convert ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system for bulk materials including steel shot, metal parts, scrap and trim. Designed for rugged, industrial applications, it has a hardened alloy construction that helps prevent premature wear. The device features large throat diameters that make it possible to convey more material over long vertical and horizontal lengths. The conveying rate is claimed to be typically twice that of ordinary air powered conveyors.

Reclassifying mufflers

Exair's Reclassifying Mufflers can be installed directly into the exhaust port of cylinders, valves and other air-powered equipment to reduce work-area noise and harmful oil mist. They are easy to retrofit to new and existing installations.

Ultrasonic leak detector for energy conservation

Exair's Ultrasonic Leak Detector (ULD) is a handheld instrument that can locate costly leaks in a compressed air system. Leaks often account for over 30% of the compressed air consumed in industrial plants. A huge annual air savings worth tens of thousands of dollars is possible when the leaks are located and repaired. Testing the various unions, pipes, valves and fittings of a complete installation can be done quickly and effectively at distances up to 6.1 m away.



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