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Aqualab Scientific Pty Ltd

Aqualab Scientific; leader in water quality and level monitoring instruments. HYDROLAB Water Quality Multiprobes for lakes, rivers, estuaries, oceans, groundwater, wastewater. OTT Level and Discharge Sensors. ADCON Smart Wireless Telemetry, Soil and Weather Sensors. DIVER Temperature/Level/Conductivity Loggers. TURNER DESIGNS Fluorometers for chlorophyll a, blue-green algae and dye trace studies.

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OTT PLS-C temperature/level/conductivity sensor

The OTT PLS-C unit provides basic water quality indicators by measuring water level, temperature and conductivity. The probe is suitable for measuring both surface water and groundwater.

OTT Hydromet Hydrolab HL4 water quality instrument

The Hydrolab HL4 is a multiparameter water quality instrument from OTT Hydromet. Its ease of use and metadata are said to produce water quality data the user can trust.

Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment Global Data Transmitter Multiple

Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment has launched the Global Data Transmitter Multiple - a modem that provides end users all over the world with a safe and reliable way to always have continuous data sets.

OTT MF pro electromagnetic current meter

The OTT MF pro handheld current meter is a user-friendly, low-maintenance electromagnetic current meter, designed specifically to simplify in-stream discharge measurement.

Turner Designs C-sense in situ pCO2 sensor

Turner Designs offers C-sense, a compact, lightweight pCO2 sensor for measuring the partial pressure of gas in liquids. Designed for applications involving immersion in water, oil or water and oil mixtures, the product combines an oil-resistant membrane interface with a compact, temperature-compensated, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detector.

OTT Hydromet ecoLog 500 groundwater data logger

The OTT Hydromet ecoLog 500 groundwater data logger specialises in long-term measurement of water levels and temperature.

Turner Designs AquaFluor handheld fluorometer/turbidimeter

The AquaFluor is a lightweight handheld fluorometer/turbidimeter which is suitable for field use. Its small size and durability makes it easy to use for quick measurements away from the laboratory. Dual-channel capability allows users to measure fluorescence and turbidity in one sample.

Schlumberger CTD-Diver groundwater quality monitor

Frequent monitoring of soil and groundwater quality is traditionally a labour-intensive job. This is also the case if saltwater intrusion or pollution at remediation sites needs to be monitored. The CTD-Diver from Schlumberger is a fully stand-alone data logger with built-in memory, battery and sensors. It is used for reliability and longevity in groundwater quality monitoring.

Turner Designs PhytoCyt flow cytometer

Turner Designs has introduced the PhytoCyt flow cytometer, a cell analysis system developed in partnership with Accuri cytometers. The system is suitable for applications that monitor the health of marine and freshwater environments.

The OTT ADC (acoustic digital current meter)

The OTT ADC (acoustic digital current meter) is an acoustic flow measuring instrument for the measurement of point velocities in open waters (eg, rivers, small streams, irrigation canals and so on). It calculates discharge measurements according to EN ISO 748 and USGS standards. It combines the plumb-line method with innovative technologies for the measurement of flow velocity and water depth. Approved acoustic measuring principles combined with a high-end signal processor provide precise and reliable data.

Submersible fluorometer

Cyclops-7 is the latest submersible fluorometer release from Turner Designs. It measures chlorophyll a or Rhodamine WT and has an optional solid secondary standard.

LDO sensor

The Hach/Hydrolab LDO sensor is approved by the EPA. It uses a sensor cap that is coated with a luminescent material. Blue light from an LED strikes the luminescent chemical on the sensor, which instantly becomes excited. As the excited chemical relaxes, it releases red light. The higher the oxygen concentration, the less red light given off by the sensor cap. The red light is detected by a photo diode. The time it takes for the chemical to return to a relaxed state is measured.

Automatic water sampling

The Hach Sigma SD900 sampler controller produces reliable sampling results without time-consuming maintenance.

Groundwater quality monitoring

The CTD-Diver is a fully standalone data logger with built-in memory, battery and sensors. Its ceramic casing and conductivity measuring range (0-80 mS) make it suitable for use at every measuring site.



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