Smart ultrasonic release of valves

Thursday, 18 July, 2019

Smart ultrasonic release of valves

TRILITY recently launched SURV, a unique and innovative seized valve technology, in Australia. The service provides ultrasonic seized valve release, valve condition assessment and torque measurement. SURV is a safe and reliable alternative to seized valve replacement, and has already built a successful and proven track record within the Australia water utility sector.

A seized valve can put your business at significant risk, often requiring lengthy emergency operations, or worse — disruption to your customers and loss of supply to thousands. Failure to act quickly will cost you time, money and reputation.

Through its patented technology, SURV can help you to realise the full asset life; it will restore a valve to its operational state. Without SURV’s ultrasonic valve release technology, the same valve would otherwise require replacement.

The technology is operated by experts who are able to monitor and respond to spindle movement in a controlled manner using a multi-action process.

It can further enhance your existing asset management data through its valve diagnostics service. SURV liaises with the asset operator to develop a program of work to operate valves, through a partial or complete cycle. Through this assessment, the full characteristics of a valve’s operation performance will be diagnosed, often permitting the valve to be operated more efficiently in the future. This will enhance customer services as it minimises any potential for disruption to the network.

With safety in mind, SURV exclusively operates an intelligent ultrasonic valve release system, which is designed to reduce the risk of injury to your employees. Its mechanical valve actuation greatly reduces the risk of operator injuries, specifically around work-related musculoskeletal disorders associated with manual valve actuation.

Because safety and reputation are important and delivery to your customers is vital, you shouldn’t leave your valve maintenance to chance. SURV will give you back control of your process, while maintaining safety and saving you time, resources and money — isn’t it time you got SURVed by contracting our smart valve release services team. Take control; survey, assess and release your critical assets.

For more information, call 1300 522 170.

Performance statistics



  • strategic and single supply pipelines
  • strategic road, rail and river pipeline crossings
  • reservoir and storage tank maintenance and cleaning projects
  • pump station valve maintenance
  • pipelines operating at high pressure
  • pipelines that operate adjacent to, or supplying sensitive third parties
  • pipelines in poor condition
  • pre-assessment for main rehabilitation schemes
  • testing and certification of fire hydrants
  • risk mitigation in areas prone to flooding
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