Wannon Water Solves Pump Blockage Issue

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Monday, 01 July, 2024

Wannon Water Solves Pump Blockage Issue


Wannon Water provides water supply and wastewater collection and treatment services to over 30 communities in South West Victoria. It is their responsibility to supply fresh water, from source to tap, and to manage sewage to protect their community’s health and wellbeing.

The Problem

In 2022, Wannon Water replaced some very old digester pumps at their Hamilton wastewater treatment plant with new solids-handling pumps as part of an efficiency upgrade. These new pumps, although equipped with rag handling technology, struggled to cope with the extra heavy loading of rags and stringy materials in the pumped media. These new pumps were blocking 2–3 times per week.

The Solution

During discussions with Wannon Water about the issue, Hydro Innovations Regional Manager, Mr. Graeme Spence, recommended a trial with Gorman-Rupp’s new “Eradicator Plus” extreme duty solids handling technology, the latest in Gorman-Rupp’s “Super T Series” trash and sewage pump line-up.

Unlike other Gorman-Rupp technologies that are designed to clean the impeller and pass solids to the discharge, the “Eradicator Plus” cuts and tears items such as rags, wet wipes, and rope that would clog other pumps. Eradicator Plus pumps are equipped with a rugged, heavy-duty continuous vane impeller constructed of G-R Hard Iron. They also come standard with an extra-thick G-R Hard Iron wear plate that has an over-sized lacerating tooth designed to cut and shred organic solids before they enter the interior of the pump.

The Results

Wannon Water decided to trial the new technology. At the time of writing this article, the new system has been in place for 8 weeks without a single blockage, confirming the solids-handling capability of Gorman-Rupp’s latest technology to handle these extreme applications.

The Eradicator Plus is available in three hydraulic sizes: 3″, 4″, and 6″. Because the system is an extension of Gorman-Rupp’s proven Super T Series range, it will fit onto the same footprint as similarly sized “standard” versions. Upgrade kits are also available for those Super T Series asset owners that are experiencing increased occurrences of clogging. For abrasive applications, Eradicator Plus pumps are available with High Chrome impeller and wear plate.

Product Development

Gorman-Rupp first introduced their “T Series” pump in 1963. It was the first self-priming pump specifically designed for handling domestic sewage. The pump needed to be able to prime and re-prime completely unattended, handle large solids, and be safe and easy for operators to maintain. It achieved all these things and was the dominant market leader in this field for 63 years.

In the year 2000, Gorman-Rupp released an upgraded version of this technology called the “Super T”. It was designed to fit onto the same footprint and be hydraulically identical so that existing customers could upgrade without any changes to their base arrangement or piping. There were some significant internal upgrades, though.

The new pump introduced an internal clearance adjustment system that allowed operators to adjust clearances in minutes, without the use of shims and without having to remove pump guards or open the pump. They also added a double lip seal and an atmospheric vent to protect the bearings in case of a seal failure. The seal oil chamber volume was increased to safeguard the seal when priming long suction lines, and pusher-bolt capability was added to the inspection cover-plate and the rotating assembly to help operators work on pumps that may not have been opened for five, ten, or more years.

As the use of “flushable” wet wipes increased and water savings initiatives started increasing the solids to water ratio, pump blockages at sewage pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, and industrial manufacturing plants began to increase. Gorman-Rupp met the challenge by introducing their “Eradicator Solids Management System” in 2016. The system is designed to continuously scrape stringy materials from impeller vanes to minimize the chances of blockages.

Not prepared to rest on their laurels, Gorman-Rupp then developed a pump that could handle materials that could cause blockages even to their “Eradicator” pumps. The “Eradicator Plus” was the result of this research and development. This technology is designed to cut, chop, and shred materials that could block other pumps. To ensure longevity and reliability, these pumps come standard with stainless steel shafts and hardened impellers and wear plates. For extremely tough or abrasive applications, pumps are available with optional high chrome impellers and wear plates.

More information on these pumps may be obtained from Hydro Innovations at info@HydroInnovations.com.au or call us on 02 9898 1800.

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