The EchoStorm Venturi Aerator Solves Algae Issue For Craig Mostyn Group

Hydro Innovations
Friday, 01 July, 2022

The EchoStorm Venturi Aerator Solves Algae Issue For Craig Mostyn Group

Craig Mostyn Group is one of Australia’s leading diversified food and agribusiness companies. Their protein rendering unit Talloman, a core division of the Craig Mostyn Group, started having issues with a treatment pond, so Plant Manager, Mr Carlos Mendes, looked for a solution. He wanted a reduction in BOD, COD, NH3, and blue/green algae.

He called Hydro Innovations, who recommended a Gorman-Rupp 100mm EchoStorm system. It comprised a Gorman-Rupp U4A60S-B self-priming pump, “powering” a Gorman-Rupp EchoStorm VA4 venturi aerator.

The pump draws water from the lagoon, pumps it through the EchoStorm unit, drawing in air, mixes it with the water and delivers it back to the lagoon. The unit “saturates” the water with dissolved oxygen, “conditions” it, and breaks down organic matter. This ruptures vacuoles within the blue/green algae, sinking it, depriving it of the sunlight required for growth.

As the technology was new to Talloman, Hydro Innovations were confident enough to offer a money back guarantee on the promised results. Carlos was happy with this and proceeded to purchase.

The results

Mr Mendes tracked the progress of the EchoStorm by measuring the total taxa. When the unit was installed in March, total taxa measured 217,000. Carlos stopped measuring when the last reading in May, measured 6,630, a reduction of 97%. Mr Mendes and the Talloman team are happy with the results.

EchoStorm aerators are available in sizes from 2 through to 6″. More information is available from Hydro Innovations at

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