Expect reliability from your local water and wastewater partner… NHP

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Monday, 01 August, 2016

Expect reliability from your local water and wastewater partner… NHP

In the water and wastewater industry, there is a high importance placed on reliable yet efficient products and solutions to ensure a sustainable operation is achieved.

NHP understands the value of our most precious resource and has quickly adapted to the shift towards the need to recycle and sustain water and wastewater. Whether it be pumping stations, treatment plants or pipelines, NHP can provide a complete product range suitable for the most complex of water and wastewater applications.

By working with you and getting to know your requirements, we will strive to provide you with the right product and product system for your application and at a competitive price. This will be supported by local people who take the time to understand your requirements through prompt personalised service and with sound processes so as to ensure you get what you want, when, where and how you want it.

Integrated solutions and upgrades

With many existing water treatment plant control systems using aging equipment and operating beyond recommended life expectancy, new upgrades are often required to avoid costly breakdowns and loss of service. However, deciding when to upgrade and indeed to upgrade at all is an important decision that can at times be overlooked and considered too difficult, placing unnecessary risk on equipment and personnel.

One of the main factors for determining when to upgrade your plant is the motivation generated by the increased performance and reliability that operators can experience and come to expect from a new control system.

Water industry authorities are continuing to face major challenges including reduced operating and maintenance costs, increased security, government regulations and regulatory compliance. By implementing an enhanced process control system with advanced networking and diagnostic capabilities such as Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx solution, you can now tackle all of these challenges whilst providing sufficient return on investment to justify your upgrade.

Plant wide access to process data and secure remote access solutions are just some of the features that will enable superior visibility and control for better preventive and predictive maintenance. Further, the reliability and efficiency of your plant can be significantly improved through the real time access to data and intelligent motor control solutions. These features allow users to identify operation and performance trends to ultimately make better use of assets all while reducing energy consumption. In addition to this superior performance and efficient modernisation of control assets, system upgrades will also result in lower overall plant operating costs, minimised downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

However, the performance of your automation solution is only as strong as the weakest implemented link. Further, the means of enclosing and protecting your field equipment is just as important to ensure critical systems such as pumping stations, treatment plants and remote access services continue uninterrupted. In a harsh corrosive environment, enclosure solutions have typically been constrained by a trade-off between high initial investment such as stainless steel or cheaper alternatives but with shorter lifetimes and increased maintenance.

Utilising the latest technology of a unique blend of Glass-Reinforced Polycarbonate, NHP is able to offer the ARCA enclosure range that provides comparable strength (IK08), corrosion and UV resistance (15+ years) as stainless steel at half the weight and cost. Not only is the ARCA range corrosion free but it is also perfect for remote access with your antenna and equipment fully sealed within the enclosure.

From your complete process control system to the enclosure protecting it, NHP is a trusted local partner that can help you and your site experience the full benefits of a system upgrade.

Local knowledge and global experience

No matter how good a product may be, it is nothing without dedicated people to support that product. Our strength lies in providing choice to the customer — be that choice in product, choice in technology, choice in service and support, ultimately choice in people. The kind of choice that you only get from a local provider. Together with our global network of supply partners we bring the world’s best products to your doorstep with over 50 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

24/7 customer support and training

NHP offers a range of on-site field service solutions to suit a wide range of needs. Whether your need is for installation and commissioning, migration, emergency breakdown or lifecycle services, NHP has engineers and technicians placed in strategic locations throughout Australia and New Zealand to respond to your needs.

Customised value-add manufacturing

NHP prides itself on being able to provide customers with tailored solutions that suit their individual needs and our National Manufacturing and Distribution Center in Laverton, Victoria highlights NHP’s commitment and expertise in local manufacturing. At this state-of-the-art facility, our expert team brings together a range of manufacturing services under one roof enabling us to provide our customers with what they want, when they want it.

For more information on how NHP can help implement a complete solution providing reliability, efficiency and superior performance at your next project, contact your local sales representative or visit http://nhp.com.au/more/water.

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