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KSB RDLO axially split case water pumps

20 December, 2010

When KSB designed its RDLO range of axially split case water pumps, many years of experience were taken into consideration across different aspects of user needs including high efficiency, the performance range, low NPSH requirements and the benefits of easier maintenance. Many of the features are an extension from the smaller Omega series.

Tsurumi B series channel impeller-style submersible sewage pumps

14 October, 2010 by

The Tsurumi B series channel impeller-style submersible sewage pumps, suitable for heavy-duty sewage and wastewater handling applications, are available from 50 to 800 mm discharge bores and with flows of up to 150,000 L/min. The largest pump in the range is driven by a 110 kW motor.

Tsurumi KTV submersible dewatering pumps

24 September, 2010 by

The KTV series of heavy-duty submersible dewatering pumps manufactured by Tsurumi Pump is designed to provide the construction and mining applications with reliability. The series provides capacities of up to 2300 L/min flow and heads as high as 50 m. The complete series of pumps with bores from 50 mm (2), all the way through to 150 mm (6) are available in three-phase, 2-pole configuration and standard cast iron body construction.

Grundfos online pump selection tool

27 August, 2010

A handy new online pump selection tool has recently been released by Grundfos Pumps to assist plumbers and pump installers to select product for domestic water supply applications.

Straub pipe couplings

16 February, 2010

The installation of a Straub pipe joint is claimed to be fast, simple and reliable with the compact product being simply pushed over the pipe ends and tightened.

Offshore pumps continuous operation

01 February, 2010

At the end of 1989, the KSB Group supplied the Norwegian offshore platform named Snorre A with five special pumps. The pump units have been in operation ever since. In order to maintain the pressure in the oil field, they have been pumping seawater into the oil field at high pressure for the past twenty years.

H2O Rx ECO valve

14 January, 2010 by

Excess pressure build-up can compromise fluid systems and destroy expensive pumps and fittings. Siphoning can lead to chemical wastage and loss of process control, and a lack of sufficient back pressure can lead to inaccuracies in metering of chemicals. The H2O Rx ECO Valve can be used to address all these complications.

Cooling water pump for Saudi Arabia

12 November, 2009

KSB Germany is set to deliver a huge vertical tubular casing pump for an intake structure in Saudi Arabia.

SebaKMT ground penetrating radar

11 November, 2009

TechRentals has introduced the SebaKMT Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) into its test and measurement rental fleet. The device is an easy-to-use, entry-level GPR system designed to meet utility locating needs.

New manufacturing opportunities - sensors to protect marine and freshwater ecosystems

13 October, 2009

An ambitious new research collaboration, designed to track the health of Australia’s marine and freshwater ecosystems, was launched today.

Heavy-duty water gun

28 July, 2009

The Nito II is a heavy-duty water gun that is suitable for flushing and cleaning jobs in industry. It is able to withstand tough conditions without wasting water. The gun can be used with or without a soap solution for rinsing, washing and flushing.

Retaining wall finds a new role

28 July, 2009

The increasing popularity of bio-retention basins in water-sensitive urban design has created a new role for the MassBloc earth retention system.

Reverse osmosis system

28 July, 2009

Pentair Water Commercial & Industrial Purity Solutions (CIPS) has introduced Deluxe HighPure RO Commercial/Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems, designed to efficiently solve a variety of water problems in ingredient water, high-purity rinse water, boiler feed water, ion exchange pretreatment, lab and analytical testing, drip irrigation, community water vending and a host of additional applications.

Flowmeter for the water industry

02 April, 2009

The Water Master flowmeters are specifically designed for the water, wastewater and sewage markets. The range is available in the most commonly installed flowmeter sizes: 40-300 mm.

Filter technology

02 April, 2009 by

The Baleen Filter is claimed to be able to remove matter from virtually any water stream. The innovative, self-cleaning method enables screenings to be collected without the need for shutdown maintenance.

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