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Study maps the global activated sludge microbiome

16 May, 2019

A global research initiative has collected and analysed samples from wastewater treatment plants across the world to expand our understanding of activated sludge microbiomes.

Defence employs PFAS removal technology at Qld site

23 April, 2019

A wastewater treatment plant has been constructed at the Army Aviation Centre in Oakey, Queensland to remove PFAS from contaminated groundwater.

Sludge flow indicates thermal process performance

05 April, 2019

The behaviour of sewage sludge flow may hold the key to optimising the thermal treatment of wastewater, according to research conducted at RMIT University.

Pressure filter vessels for water treatment

01 April, 2019

Glacier Filtration specialises in pressure filter vessels for water treatment, offering vessels constructed from non-corrosive durable materials in vertical and horizontal configurations to the water and wastewater treatment industries.

Adapting to an ever-changing environment

01 April, 2019

Since its inception, TRILITY has been involved in the delivery of 100s of water infrastructure projects, currently servicing over 600 facilities.

Hot CO2 technology efficiently sterilises water

26 March, 2019

Technology developed by UNSW Canberra could provide an environmentally friendly, cost-effective method of sterilising water.

Low-temperature evaporation boosts energy efficiency

19 March, 2019 by Matt Hale

When treating wastewater, sludge and digestate, reducing the volume of liquid material can be beneficial. But what if you want to further reduce water content?

Wastewater treatment system mimics ecosystem

05 March, 2019

An innovative wastewater treatment system combines microorganisms, algae, plants, gravel and sand filtration to clean wastewater.

The blow by blow on blowers

20 February, 2019

Ahead of Ozwater'19, Kaeser advises how to select the right blower for a wastewater treatment plant.

Algae cleans up wastewater in rural communities

20 February, 2019

An improved low-energy wastewater system presents rural communities with a cheaper solution that also has the potential to increase the availability of water for re-use.

CoverSweep Launder Covers for wastewater treatment

15 January, 2019

Coversweep Launder Covers inhibit the rapid growth of algae in the secondary clarifier effluent stream by preventing the direct contact of sunlight on the highly prone area for intense growth of algae.

CEO Insights 2019: Adrian Minshull, Hydroflux

08 January, 2019

Adrian Minshull shares his insights on how water scarcity can be addressed with wastewater treatment technology.

Sydney Water chooses Veolia for primary separation

08 October, 2018

Veolia Water Technologies has been awarded a contract for the supply of 20 Hydrotech Drumfilters for mechanical primary treatment at two of Sydney Water's treatment plants.

Hydroflux Expo RoadTRAIN on-site sewage treatment system

01 October, 2018

The RoadTRAIN is a pre-fabricated on-site sewage treatment system specifically designed for use in remote locations. These plug-and-play micro sewage treatment plants are available in three different sewage treatment process options and two modes of fabrication.

The end of primary sedimentation tanks in wastewater treatment plants?

01 September, 2018

It was in the late 19th century when some cities began to utilise sedimentation systems to treat sewage and this remained the only means of treatment until the activated sludge process was discovered in 1912.

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