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Call for nationwide mattress recycling

22 July, 2024

A recent survey has found that a majority of respondents would pay more when purchasing a mattress if the retailer collected and recycled their old one.

Feedback sought for updated B-cycle scheme

18 July, 2024

Given market changes and the evolving risk profile of batteries, the Battery Stewardship Council is consulting with industry on a review of its B-cycle Scheme.

Bringing the circular tyre economy to remote WA

05 June, 2024

Longstanding WA company Get A Grip Tyres is now a contributor to and participant in Australia's Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme.

Extra-strong concrete — with coffee

28 May, 2024

RMIT University has come up with a novel use for spent coffee grounds — as a valuable resource for the construction industry.

Novel concrete reduces impact of both coal ash and cement

20 May, 2024

RMIT has collaborated with AGL to clean up coal ash deposits by incorporating them into a new concrete mix that uses double the ash of existing low-carbon concretes, also minimising cement use.

Healthcare waste recycling initiative to repurpose IV bags

07 May, 2024

New Zealand's Southern Cross Healthcare has embraced a recycling initiative in which its IV bags are given new life as a surface cover in children's playgrounds.

Tackling plastic waste in health care

29 April, 2024

With the support of APR Plastics, Recycle Wise has initiated a service previously missing in the healthcare industry.

From glass waste to energy-efficient bricks

26 April, 2024

Typical brick production produces harmful emissions and puts a strain on natural resources, particularly clay. Australian researchers might have a solution.

How the perfect blend of tyres and plastic led to a sulfur-free oil

26 April, 2024

When tyres are broken down, the oil formed normally contains hazardous sulfur-containing compounds, presenting a challenge for the safe upcycling of tyre waste.

Transforming pill packaging into fencing

22 April, 2024

The Vinyl Council of Australia is collaborating with several Australian industry partners to recycle waste PVC pharmaceutical blister packaging.

New partnership to focus on textile recycling

18 April, 2024

Textile Recyclers Australia has joined forces with the ARC Research Hub for Microrecycling of Battery and Consumer Wastes to combat the huge problem of textile waste.

TerraCycle marks a decade of recycling in ANZ

03 April, 2024

During its time in the region, the Australian and New Zealand TerraCycle network has grown from just a few thousand to more than 1.2 million TerraCyclers.

Eco nappies could release nutrients into the earth

25 March, 2024

Researchers are developing sustainable sanitary products made from food waste that can either be flushed down the toilet or composted to fertilise crops.

UNSW innovation extends the life of plastic waste

21 March, 2024

The new method, which also removes dyes from the original plastic waste, has attracted the attention of the Arnott's Group.

Why private investment is key to a plastic circular economy

21 March, 2024 by Jacob Duer, President and CEO of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste

To get to a future where plastic circularity is a scalable reality, significant investment needs to step up along the entire value chain or we will fail.

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