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Price of renewable energy credits to soar

04 December, 2012

Research from carbon market analytics firm RepuTex indicates that a lower than expected Australian carbon price will result in a significant rise in the price of large-scale generation credits (LGCs) created under Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET), with LGCs trading as high as $65/MWh in 2020.

Carbon tax reporting: know your rights and responsibilities

03 December, 2012 by Tim Pittaway*

Last week at the 2012 Australasian Carbon Expo in Melbourne, the government confirmed that Australia is ready to sign the next phase of the Kyoto Protocol, joining countries around the world that are taking action to combat climate change. The first commitment period ends on 31 December this year; a second commitment period to restrain greenhouse gas emissions will begin on 1 January 2013.

New global carbon trading and asset management platform

28 November, 2012

Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) and APX have announced the introduction of a new electronic platform, combining both trading and asset management for the voluntary carbon markets.

Capturing carbon with clever trapdoors

12 November, 2012

University of Melbourne engineers have developed a novel method of collecting and storing carbon dioxide that is claimed to be able to reduce the cost of separating and storing carbon dioxide.

Estuaries play key role in carbon capture

22 October, 2012

Australian estuaries may be more important than previously thought in capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere, according to new research from Southern Cross University’s Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry Research.

Carbon capture and storage - is it a reality?

15 October, 2012

Debunking the myth that carbon capture and storage (CCS) is not a reality, the Global CCS Institute has estimated that carbon abatement from eight CCS projects already operating is greater than that achieved by all other energy-related climate efforts combined to date in Australia or the UK.

International speakers at 2012 National CCS Conference

04 October, 2012

Carbon capture and storage’s (CCS) role in achieving sustainable development in China will be discussed by Dr Peng Sizhen, Deputy Director General, Administrative Centre for China’s Agenda 21 (ACCA21), at the National CCS Conference in Perth this month.

First Australian carbon units issued

04 October, 2012

The Clean Energy Regulator issued carbon units for the first time under the carbon pricing mechanism on 27 September 2012, signalling the commencement of the Australian carbon market. Three applicants received free carbon units under the Jobs and Competitiveness Program which were issued via the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units (ANREU).

China’s carbon trading pilot schemes will cover 2000 businesses

03 October, 2012

The Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Mark Dreyfus, last week met China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Vice Chairman, Xie Zhenhua, to discuss action on climate change.

Carbon neutral school

20 September, 2012

South Fremantle Senior High School has become officially as a certified carbon neutral school.

Aspen Technology Aspen Plus Process Simulator software

31 August, 2012

Aspen Plus Process Simulator software, part of the aspenOne Engineering software suite, is designed to help process manufacturers model, track and reduce CO2 emissions.

Reducing the carbon footprint of sewage pumping stations

27 August, 2012

Carbon is 'produced' whenever a crew jumps into the truck to go to a site, whenever the pumps are energised and running. This paper describes the vastly improved use of energy, and hence reduced carbon production, when self-priming pumps are used instead of submersible pumps.

Abrupt increase in CO2 uptake by the land biosphere

14 August, 2012

Scientists have discovered an abrupt increase in the uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide by the land biosphere (which comprises all of the planet’s plant and animal ecosystems) since 1988. Without this natural increase in uptake, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would probably have increased even more rapidly over the last two decades.

Earthquake risks for CCS, fracking and wastewater injection wells

31 July, 2012

A paper by Stanford geophysicists Professor Mark Zoback and Professor Steven Gorelick has claimed that carbon capture and storage (CCS) has a high probability of triggering earthquakes where large volumes of carbon dioxide are injected into the brittle rocks commonly found in continental interiors.

Carbon offset project for brewed drink company

24 July, 2012

The production of some of Australia’s favourite beverages will become greener thanks to a partnership between CO2 Australia and the brewers of the famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.

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