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'Myrtle': Australia's new embodied carbon facility

12 April, 2024

Run by Australian cleantech company MCi Carbon, the facility will transform CO2 into solid carbon embodied materials for use in the built environment.

Five fundamentals: preparing for mandatory climate reporting

04 March, 2024 by Meg Fricke*

As Australia enters a new era of mandatory climate-related reporting, businesses nationwide are grappling with the practical implications of this sweeping regulatory shake-up.

The new science of waste

01 March, 2024

The authors of a new paper use scaling theory to study how three types of waste production — municipal solid waste, wastewater and greenhouse gas emissions — grow in relation to city size.

Shore power: a critical investment for the maritime industry

23 February, 2024 by Johnson Luu, Director of CHINT APAC

Reducing maritime emissions has always been a multi-layered challenge, involving many variables including ship type, fuel choice and ports.

Built for the future: KAESER Australia unveils new facility in Vic

01 February, 2024

The 4500 m2, $15 million facility features various innovations that echo KAESER's emphasis on sustainability.

Adaptive reuse transforms commercial precinct

24 January, 2024

The 1960s industrial precinct formerly owned by Phillip Morris has been transformed into a commercial community, retaining the existing structure.

Preparing for a climate positive 2032 Olympics

18 January, 2024

According to University of Queensland researchers, a requirement for the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games is to be climate positive.

Mass timber office building opening in Melbourne

29 November, 2023

Hines has announced the practical completion of its mass timber office building in Melbourne, offering an employee-centric workspace.

Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting

10 October, 2023

Quick-Fit (QF) Ducting is designed to ensure that work environments are comfortable and conducive to productivity.

Embodied carbon in buildings: a new frontier in greenhouse gas reduction

01 September, 2023

How we reduce CO2 emissions in the built environment is changing — with focus moving from energy efficiency to reducing embodied carbon, according to UNSW's Philip Oldfield.

Sustainable engineering: a 'triple win' for businesses, stakeholders and the planet

15 August, 2023 by Alexey Lebedev, Vice President – Pacific, AVEVA

The pathway to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 is narrow: it will require unprecedented transformation of the industrial sector.

IPCC chairman rebukes exaggerated climate alarm

07 August, 2023

GWPF has welcomed the rebuke of exaggerated climate hype and alarm by Professor Jim Skea, the chairman of the IPCC.

Ammonium phosphate (fertiliser) production

02 August, 2023

Mono-ammonium and di-ammonium phosphate (MAP, DAP) are produced from the reaction of ammonia and phosphoric acid.

Sustainable air conditioning inspired by termites

11 July, 2023

Termites use complex climate control mechanisms in their mounds that could be imitated to create air conditioning with a reduced carbon footprint.

Making vinegar from excess carbon dioxide could reduce emissions

29 May, 2023

Monash University's chemical engineers have developed an industrial process to produce acetic acid that uses the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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