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A range of innovative solutions for mitigating harmonics

01 September, 2020

'Harmonics' refers to deviations from the desired model sinusoidal AC line voltage and the current waveforms.

Why Is LPG energy great for rural households?

24 August, 2020

There are many advantages of signing up for LPG at your rural property, Elgas explains.

Grid project set to secure Alice Springs' energy future

17 August, 2020

The Alice Springs Future Grid Project will focus on addressing barriers to further renewable energy penetration in the local electricity network.

Battery breakthrough for electric transport

22 July, 2020

Researchers have designed a new class of solid electrolytes that could facilitate the wider electrification of transportation, including electric aircraft and long-range electric cars.

Private community energy network for Qld town centre

15 June, 2020

Ripley Town Centre in south-east Queensland will run on a private community energy network.

Could wastewater play a key role in accelerating Australia's hydrogen industry?

11 June, 2020

A paper has investigated the potential of a hydrogen industry supported by co-located hydrogen production at wastewater treatment plants.

Diamond nanothreads could be used to store energy

22 May, 2020

A carbon nanostructure made from diamond nanothreads could one day be used for mechanical energy storage, wearable technologies and biomedical applications.

$300m to advance hydrogen industry

08 May, 2020

The Australian Government has issued a mandate that will see $300 million invested in Australia's hydrogen industry via the Advancing Hydrogen Fund.

Call for input on ARENA Bioenergy Roadmap

30 April, 2020

The roadmap will help to inform investment and policy decisions in the bioenergy sector and will provide valuable input into the federal government's Technology Investment Roadmap.

City of Newcastle embraces renewable energy future

27 April, 2020

The City of Newcastle is reinventing itself as a renewable energy powerhouse, with the local council driving the community's clean energy uptake.

Coronavirus impact spreads to China's battery sector

09 April, 2020

GlobalData reveals that COVID-19 will affect the green energy sector, impacting renewable energy sources, battery energy storage, electric vehicles, and renewable heating and cooling.

Tokyo researchers produce better, safer battery

31 March, 2020

University of Tokyo researchers have found a way to improve the performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries.

Energising Australia

27 March, 2020

Standards Australia has entered the international conversation on renewable ocean energy by setting up a committee to discuss this energy source.

New dates for Smart Energy 2020

17 March, 2020

The 58th Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition in Sydney will now take place on 29–30 September due to the potential impact of COVID-19.

Powering electronics with waste heat

17 February, 2020

Researchers have combined thermocell technology with a matched phase transition material, increasing the ability to harvest waste heat to power electronics.

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